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Update On GMA’s Review Into Amy Robach & TJ Holmes Affair

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The GMA internal review into Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ affair is still ongoing. The two will not appear on the morning show this week. It’s going to take time for ABC to reach a conclusion. Keep on reading to learn more about the investigation.

The latest update on the GMA internal review

An insider told The U.S. Sun on Wednesday, January 4 the internal review into GMA is “incomplete.” The co-anchors will not return to GMA3 this week. Guest hosts will continue to fill in for them for now. An insider told the outlet that the investigation is not close to being complete.

“They are both off the air while an internal review is underway and in terms of timeline, a decision is not imminent,” an insider told The U.S. Sun.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
That means fans can’t expect TJ and Amy to return to the show anytime soon. They will remain off the air until they reach a conclusion in the investigation. Don’t expect a formal announcement to come out either because there has been “no decision within ABC’s leadership.” It’s unclear which direction the network will go in this situation.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are remaining hopeful during this time. The couple would like to get some news about their respective careers in the next few weeks. Some GMA fans have called for the show to bring them back. They think the two shouldn’t be punished for their alleged affair.

GMA3 On Flossing [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“There really isn’t a timeline. This is an internal review, and whenever that concludes is when the announcement will be made for the GMA3 audience,” the insider shared.

The co-stars will still have to deal with the aftermath of their respective marriages. Both of them are going through divorces with their spouses. TJ filed for divorce a week ago today. The two were photographed kissing in Miami that same day.

More details about the alleged affair

News of their alleged affair broke in late November 2022. The two went on a romantic getaway to upstate New York. TJ and Amy also went on many dates throughout the city, including a bar on November 10. They were also spotted leaving each other’s Manhattan apartments when their spouses weren’t around.

The pair reportedly started their alleged affair six months ago in June. TJ and Amy have continued to pack on the PDA in light of the news. They have been spotted numerous times on several occasions. The GMA couple is very comfortable with each other now that the news is out.

The two will remain suspended until the internal review is complete. What are your thoughts on GMA’s internal review? Were you hoping for an update by now? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I like both TJ and Amy and if no violation why not bring both back. I never watched ABC until TJ and Amy came on third hour.

  2. They were very disrespectful to there spouses and their children because they are in the public and you have be more respectful. They should not be fired however they should not be allowed to have the same job. Maybe some other job out of the public a behind the scenes job because of the way they disrespected themselves and their families. Did not set a good example for a family show or maybe they should loose their jobs because they were very selfish and T J will probably find another woman they he wants to have a affair with if he is allowed to keep his job. So sad they were so selfish and lust
    came before respect.

  3. I don’t feel it affected their work ethic and ability to do the job. It was not handled well by either of them. They should have divorced and then made their love for each other public. Nobody knows what goes on in someone’s home. Therefore we should not judge. 20-20 is not the same nor is GMA3. I feel people should keep out of it. I hope GMA sees fit to bring them back #nobodyisperfect

  4. Amy and TJ worked well together. what they do in their personal life is unimportant to me. I no longer watch since they are not on.

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