‘BIP’ Teddi Wright Hard Launched Relationship, ‘First New Years Kiss Ever’

Teddi Wright via Instagram 2

Bachelor in Paradise alum Teddi Wright hard launched her new relationship on Instagram to kick off 2023. She hinted to fans earlier in the week that she had been missing from social media because of Covid, spending time with loved ones and that she has a new man. The man was not revealed in her first post and she didn’t confirm anything. Now, it’s confirmed. Keep reading to find out more and see the sweet video.

Teddi Wright hard launched new relationship

Teddi Wright hinted to the world that she had a new man in her life. However, she didn’t reveal his face or his identity. Now, on New Years Day, Teddi went to Instagram to hard launch her new man. The video she shared began with her sitting on her bed with a cute little white dog and she is crying. As she wipes away her tears, the video then went to her standing with her man outside looking incredibly happy.  It then went to a clip of her straddling him on a bed. They looked extremely content and comfortable with one another. Finally, it showed him dip her down for a kiss on what is assumed to be New Years Eve.

Teddi captioned the video saying, “first new years kiss ever!! happy new year 🫶🏽 #2023”

So far, Teddi has not shared his name but now everyone knows his face. In fact, many started commented they thought it was Pilot Pete at first glance. Of course, everyone knows Peter is back with Kelley Flanagan. However, now that Teddi has shared her new love’s face, perhaps his name will come soon. Regardless Teddi looks very happy and is ready to take on 2023 with him by her side.

She left Paradise alone

Teddi Wright appeared on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. She went to Mexico to look for love and hoping that would be with Andrew Spencer. They seemed to be really hitting it off. However, when Rodney Mathews made his beach debut, she realized that maybe she wasn’t as into Andrew as she wanted to be.

Teddi broke up with Andrew and decided to leave the beach single. She didn’t even tell anyone goodbye. Andrew was crushed but tried to move on. Post show he admits he would have skipped BIP if it would have given him a fair shot at dating Teddi.

It seems things are finally falling into place for Teddi and she is very happy.

What do you think about Teddi’s hard launch?

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