Does ‘BIP’ Alum Teddi Wright Have A New Man?

It looks like Teddi Wright might have a new man in her life. Things didn’t work out for her on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. She went to the beach hoping to fall for Andrew Spencer. She came to realize that it wasn’t meant to be. So, Teddi left the beach single. It doesn’t seem to be keeping her down though. Teddi seemingly is hinting she has a new man in her life. Keep reading to find out more.

Teddi Wright hints at new man

BIP alum Teddi Wright is hinting she has been busy recently and not with just work. She shared an Instagram story that has fans buzzing. Teddi shared a mirror selfie in which she can been seen with a man wrapping his arm around her waist. Nothing else about this mystery man can be distinguished in the picture.

She started her group of stories by sharing that she has been MIA due to Covid. She noted it knocked her down hard. However, she’s back and shared some of what fans have been missing. One photo included her dancing with a baby, another of her working and throughout the photos she said, “Here’s what you missed on my hiatus: Still working, dances with my sweet lil boy and also maybe other things that I’ll share later…🤭.”

Of course, the last part of other things she’ll share later was attached to the selfie where she soft launched her new man. He must be pretty important for her to share anything about him. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long to find out who this mystery beau is.

Teddi Wright Secret Man via Instagram

BIP didn’t work out

Teddi Wright went on Bachelor in Paradise in hopes of falling in love. Things didn’t work out as planned and she went home. Andrew Spencer tried to move on after her departure but just didn’t find what he was looking for. After filming concluded, Andrew said, “Ball’s in her court and obviously, if we ever saw each other organically in the same vicinity, without a doubt, I’m not gonna sit here and see her across the bar and turn around.” He continued, “I’m gonna go talk to this woman. Hey, I got game. I ain’t gonna lie to you. I’m not bad! I am not the guy you saw in Paradise.”

Looks like that ship has sailed and Teddi has indeed moved on. Who is it with? Stay tuned to find out more.


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