Andrew Spencer Dishes On Teddi Wright Post Paradise

Fans seemed to really liked Teddi Wright and Andrew Spencer together on Bachelor in Paradise. He smiled from the moment they started talking and fans loved it. When Teddi was faced with deciding to go on a date with Rodney Mathews, she left. However, there was a lot of speculation something happened with the producers to upset Teddi and made her decided to leave.

That was fueled by a vague post she made about her experience and the abruptness of her exit. After she left, Andrew talked to Jessenia Cruz and then Ency Abedin but he left the beach with Teddi still on his mind. He talked to Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on their podcast Talking it Out with Bachelor Nation.

Andrew Spencer Talked Teddi And Texting

Andrew Spencer revealed to Mike and Bryan he talked about the situation a bit on the reunion. He said he sent a couple of texts because he wanted to be friends. Andrew said, “I know that wasn’t the easiest time for her on the show. I wanted to let her know that she still had a friend and ally in me.”

The hosts wanted to know if there might be a future for Teddi and Andrew again. He said he wouldn’t reach out again, that’s over now. Spencer said if they were somewhere organically, he’d be, “better than he was on the beach,” according to Bachelor Nation. He said things would go a whole lot smoother.

Andrew Spencer, Instagram
Andrew Spencer, Instagram

Andrew posted a video on his Instagram singing into a mop wearing a wig and a camcorder filter. He said, “Everyone has a heartbreak song. Jam out to it, but keep moving forward.” He said he was thankful to the women and they showed him a lot of grace. Wells Adams joked, “Proud of you for landing this LL Bean campaign.” Probably because the first two pictures he shared looked like he was modeling.  Fellow contestant Michael Allio said, “been one hell of a ride fella. It’s been a pleasure.”

Fans Want Andrew To Find Love

Fans really liked Andrew from the beginning and rooted for him to find love. After Rodney Mathews got his heart broken and left the beach, Andrew seemed down. It wasn’t surprising that he left, it was surprising that Ency tearfully begged him to stay. One fan said, “that Ency girl is bonkers. You did the right thing by hearing Jessina out, you owed her that. You dodged that Ency bullet.”

Andrew Spencer, Instagram
Andrew Spencer, Instagram

What did you think about Ency’s reaction to Andrew leaving? Are you surprised he still thought about Teddi? Read more about Teddi’s exit here. Tune in next week for a two-part finale where anything can happen and come back to TV Shows Ace for all the hook-ups, break-ups, and catch-ups.



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