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Kody Brown Growls At Sukanya Krishnan, Evades Robyn Topics

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Kody Brown, once again, proved he has no respect for tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan. Not only did he growl at her, but he had a way of evading her questions. It was as if he thought this tell-all was a trial and he was free to just walk away. However, he forgets that it is a tell-all therefore he needs to be held accountable for his behavior. Plus, he needs to speak up, especially when it comes to the one wife who essentially ended Sister Wives– Robyn. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Growls At Sukanya Krishnan, Evades Robyn Topics

Sister Wives fans were not happy that Sukanya was returning. They felt that she was not hard enough on Kody Brown last season and she let him get away with too much. Plus, he was rude to her and that was unacceptable. Yet, she never called him out on it so he never learned that he had to respect her this time around. When part one aired, it was as if the host was playing telephone with the wives and Kody. She would recall what one said back to the other. A very immature way of doing it.

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As for part two, Kody Brown really did not think he had to answer the questions he did not want to. For example, he did not want to answer if Robyn was his favorite wife (preview for part 3). Clearly, she is because she is the one who upholds absolutely everything he has asked the wives to do. Plus, he wanted Christine and Janelle to be just like her. More so, Christine called Robyn out on being the favorite. Then there was a point when he was recalling how Christine talked about his other wives relentlessly. Yet, she and Janelle are now best friends.

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Of course, the question of trust came up. Sukanya wanted to know which of his wives he trusted. He tried to say that it was pretty obvious but Sukanya would not budge. Really the one time she was relentless. Suddenly, Kody Brown got really angry and growled at the host. Kody grabbed a drink and said: “That’ll start pissing me off.” He then growled and added: “We can discuss that another time.” Finally, Krishnan told Kody she wanted to talk about Robyn specifically but he declined. Why? No one knows.

Not The First Time

Kody Brown has had a horrid temper all season. He lashed out when Christine said her house had sold and she was leaving for Utah in a week. Then, he proceeded to say all of his effort to love her was “wasted” plus he added that Christine treated Robyn like dirt. Kody also went out of mind at Janelle when they were having a conversation about the holidays. He did apologize but he has been struggling with divorce and losing a wife.

What did you think of Kody Brown’s reaction to Sukanya? Out of line or to be expected? Plus, are you surprised he avoided questions about Robyn? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Kody thinks he is a king and wants to rule everyone, wives, children, media. He disrespects anyone who doesn’t please him. I find him very disgusting and abusive. I am very happy three of his wives have “escaped.”

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