Kody Brown Finally Admits He’s ‘All Ego Baby’

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Kody Brown is finally admitting that he’s “all ego baby.” This is a bold statement coming from someone who is now down three wives in a matter of a little less than two years. However, this is what he was saying in part two of the Season 17 Sister Wives tell-all. Yet, what exactly was he referencing? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Finally Admits He’s ‘All Ego Baby’

Fans have long talked about how big Kody Brown’s ego is. He really thinks that he is the cat’s meow and it recently showed with how much he charges for a Cameo. Along with his now estranged wife, Meri, they are the two that charge the most for personalized videos. Many have wondered why they think that they are that important to do so. Furthermore, as time has gone by, viewers have questioned why four women would want to stay married to him.

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It was a big celebration when Christine finally had the courage to realize she deserved better and exited the marriage. Now, in part two of the tell-all, Kody Brown is actually talking about taking Christine as his third wife. It was a big deal at the time yet he is now telling the story in a different manner. Originally, he said that although she was sweet and cute however everyone knows he was never romantically attracted to her. Now, Kody Brown is explaining why he really married her.

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He alleges that she was basically church royalty. Therefore, marrying her was a huge deal. Kody goes on to say: “I was a polygamist. It’s all ego, baby.” This is a statement that likely did not sit well with anyone watching. Especially since Kody has given Christine a lot of credit for helping out with a very messy situation at home between Meri and Janelle. Yet, the fact that he remained unattracted to her for many years has always been a thorn in Christine’s side and something she just could not forget or forgive.

Moving On

Christine has since moved on from Kody Brown and they have talked about why they got married. He claimed he felt obligated as he was young. For Christine, she was in love with him but that has since faded since she saw who he really was and is. Now, she is happily living her best life in Utah with her children. Fans have applauded how amazing she looks since she has been free of him and the path that her life has taken. She is dating for fun and enjoying her newfound self. So, although Kody Brown may have thought his ego won, he seems to have lost a lot in the long run.

What are your thoughts on Kody Brown’s ego confession? Do you think he really felt that way or is it just another diversionary tactic to avoid admitting he made a mistake? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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