Did Matt Roloff Just Chuck Shade At Jeremy & Zach?

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Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff might be trying to patch things up with his kids, but some fans believe he is throwing shade at Jeremy and Zach. This all came thanks to a photo that Matt posted, with a caption he has since deleted.

Here is a look at what Matt posted and said, and why fans think this was shade at his two sons.

Matt Roloff praises son Jacob on Instagram

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In the image that Matt Roloff posted, he showed his son Jacob holding a chainsaw and giving a thumbs up to the camera. He stood on a fallen tree limb with a hard hat and safety goggles on. Matt explained in the caption that the tree had fallen after the ice and wind storm and it barely missed the house. He then talked about what Jacob did to help.

“Best part is @jacobroloff45,” Matt wrote in the original caption (via The Sun). “…jumps in and makes firewood and cleans it all up before I even know it’s a big deal or not, very nice to have him and @isabelofiarock helping so much at @rolofffarms.” Matt deleted the photos and then reuploaded them without the original caption.

Fans immediately began arguing about the meaning of the post. Several people came to Matt’s defense, saying that Jacob is the only one who wants to help him with the farm, blaming his other sons for abandoning the family. However, there were also very vocal LPBW fans who lashed out at Matt.

One fan said that Matt Roloff has done this before, giving all his attention and love to one of his sons before moving on to the next and blowing off the others. They wrote that he “breaks their heart and moves on to the next kid. Jacob’s his last chance. He did it with Jeremy for years then moved on to Zach for a couple years, when that soured he moved to Jacob.”

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Is Matt Roloff patching things up with his kids?

In a recent interview, Matt talked about not selling the family farm. Instead, he is turning it into an Airbnb and said that he hopes this will help bring his kids back home. According to Matt, instead of selling the farm, he will rent it out on short-term rentals, with the renters helping out by working on the farm.

He then said that he hoped his kids could schedule out time to return to the farm now thanks to the family keeping it. Matt and Zach had a huge falling out when Matt refused to sell his son the farm. However, Matt has hopes that since he isn’t selling the farm, maybe he can bring his family back together.

Do you think Matt Roloff was throwing shade at his other two sons by praising Jacob in this post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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