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‘LPBW’ Disaster Strikes Matt Roloff’s Farm, Is Everyone OK?

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Scary news from Roloff Farms as the intense winter storm most of the U.S. experienced in the past week caused a massive tree on Matt Roloff’s property to come crashing down. The family shared several scary photos that revealed the humongous tree no longer standing. Did the giant tree cause any structural damage? Was anyone injured? Keep reading for the details and scroll down to see the scary photos!

LPBW: Disaster strikes Matt Roloff’s farm, everyone alright?

Turns out, Matt Roloff’s property narrowly avoided a massive disaster on Wednesday night. The extreme winds from the winter storm making its way across the U.S. pulled a large tree out of the ground and caused it to come crashing down on the property. Matt and his son Jacob revealed working on the farm would have to be put on pause as they tended to the giant tree and then the damage it caused.

Matt Roloff - Youtube - LPBW
Matt Roloff – Youtube – LPBW

Terrifying footage of the aftermath reveals the very large tree was ripped from the ground completely (including the roots). So, the fallen tree left behind a gaping hole in the ground that would also need to be taken care of.

Closer inspection reveals if the tree had been just a little larger or the wind had pushed it a little further, it would have come crashing down on the famous farmhouse. The photo does reveal a few large branches and limbs resting on the house and scattered throughout the yard. So, there could be some damage on top of the house for the family to deal with.

Check out the scary photos of the aftermath down below for a better idea of what happened:

Matt Roloff Tree Instagram

After sharing the scary photos, the family agreed that it was an unfortunate situation. They, however, also agreed that if a tree was going to come down they couldn’t have asked for it to come down in a better manner as it did so without destroying the house or injuring anyone. The Roloff family described it as “an ideal fall.”

At this time, it is a little too early to tell exactly how much this situation is going to cost Matt to get cleaned up and fixed. But, fans are relieved that no one was injured and the farmhouse wasn’t seriously damaged.

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