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The Real Culprit Behind Matt Roloff Not Giving Farm To Kids?

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Who might be the real culprit behind Matt Roloff’s decision to not give the farm to any of his four kids? If you watch Little People, Big World, you know that the future of the farm has been a huge part of the show for several seasons now. As Matt gets older, he’s able to do less on the farm. While some of his kids were hoping to take over the farm, things fell apart. Now, LPBW fans think they might know who the real culprit is in Matt’s decision not to give the farm to his children. Keep reading for all of the details.

Because Matt is getting older, he wanted one of his kids to take over the farm so he could retire and settle down in Arizona with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Both Jeremy and Zach Roloff made offers and were negotiating the farm cost with their father. But ultimately, things didn’t work out. Recently, part of Roloff Farms was on the market. After it didn’t sell, Matt revealed his plans to use it as a vacation rental.

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The Real Culprit Behind Matt Roloff Not Giving Farm To Kids?

LPBW fans have been trying to figure out why Matt Roloff chose not to give his kids the farm. On Reddit, as fans discussed the price of Roloff Farms when it was listed on Zillow, they started speculating about Matt’s business moves. They pointed out that the farm was listed for $4 million, which is a price that neither Zach nor Jeremy could offer.

Fans also noted that Matt Roloff only paid $1 million for his ex-wife Amy’s portion of the farm. So, they believe Caryn might have encouraged him to attempt to make a large profit off of it. One fan said, “Crazy that Amy sold it to him for under $1M assuming it was going to one of her kids and Matt tried to make millions off of it. How much influence you think Caryn has over him?”

Someone else chimed in, “Caryn comes across as a money hungry b****! Something is off about that woman. Then again she is with Matt, so birds of a feather….”

Of course, LPBW fans don’t know the real culprit behind Matt’s decision not to give his kids the farm. But some are suspicious of Caryn and her potential motives.

So, do you think that Caryn Chandler is the real culprit behind Matt Roloff’s decision not to give the farm to the kids? Or do you think there is another explanation? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW family. New episodes premiere on TLC on Tuesdays and are also available to stream on-demand on discovery+.

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  1. Caryn definitely had her gold digging nose in Matt’s business with his boys regarding the farm. I think she is a scheamer and a gold digger. What a manipulative bitch she is. I bet she is screaming right now as to how she can get her name on his bank accounts too. Let her move to Arizona so Matt can work things out with his real family. oh and Amy … keep your eye on Chris. I have also notice during some of the episodes how she looks at Chris.

    1. i agree 100% with everything you said. I NEVERhad a good feeling about Chris OR Caryn.I THINK that the 2 of them are plotting something. I TOO have noticed how those 2 look at each other-EVIL is brewing for the VERY naive Amy and Matt.Caryn is Matts evil boss😡I also find Tori and Zach EXTREMELY ANNOYING.PLEASE TLC CANCEL this staged sickening soap opera ASAP

  2. If Any wanted one of the boys to have the farm, why didn’t she sell it to them instead of selling it to Matt? Zach and Tori really need to get over themselves. They aren’t hurting anyone but the kids by keeping them away from the people that love them. when the kids grow up they will resent Tori and Zach from the separation. The kids are missing out on valuable bonding time. Cayrn really loved and misses the kids.

  3. She wants him to keep it so after they get married she will convince him to leave it to her so her kids can inherit it.

  4. she is after his money,anybody can see that if not they are blind. I do not trust her. the farm is between Matt and his kids. Caryn needs get her fat ??? and nose out of his farm business.

  5. Yes, most definitely, Caryn is in it for the money. She seems to tell Matt how to handle everything. I bet when the show goes off the air, if it does, Caryn will leave Matt.

  6. In my opinion, how would it have been possible for Matt to sell the farm to two of his children at a price below market value? What would Matt have to give the other two kids and is there even a way to fairly do it.

    I am not sure if Matt is wrong, if Caryn is the culprit, etc. I do feel like Amy wanted her cake and eat it too. She wanted to get paid for her part of the farm, which she did. Then she wanted Matt to take his part of the farm and give it or sell it to two children, to the best of my knowledge, do not even have a damn job and have never had a career except the show.

    I may be shortsighted, but Zach and Tori have purchased a new house, are having kids left and right, and neither one of them have a job and Zach does not look like a very adventurous or hard charging person that was positioned to take over that farm.

    There are a lot of fingers to be pointed at a lot of people on that show. For goodness sakes, two of the kids left the show and will not go back on it. Zach and his brother do not talk. Lots of weird stuff happening there and more than meets the viewer’s eye.

    1. I agree with Jeff! “There are a lot of fingers to be pointed at a lot of people on that show.” I believe if Amy wanted her sons to own part of the farm, she could have given it to them, instead of selling it to Matt! I believe she sold her part to Matt only to be able to point the finger at Matt! “He’s holding the bag now, I’m not anymore, so he’s the blame, not me!” Who looks selfish now, Amy or Matt?

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