Shocking Photo Of Unrecognizable Jason Momoa Surfaces

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A new photo of actor Jason Momoa has surfaced and he is completely unrecognizable. The Aquaman star is known for his long wavy locks and built-up muscular body. However, in this photo, he is the complete opposite and it is almost hard to believe this is the same man everyone fawns all over. So, what is it about the picture that has fans in shock? Read on for more details.

Shocking Photo Of Unrecognizable Jason Momoa Surfaces

Fans were shocked when Jason Momoa made a big hair chop a few months back. In September, he revealed that he was chopping off his luscious locks to promote the elimination of plastics. He shaved the sides of his head and then proceeded to tattoo them to complete his whole transformative process. In the end, he still looked quite sharp and like the beach man, all fans have come to know and love. Yet, they did feel he could have just donated rather than changing his look.

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Now, according to The Sun, a new photo of Jason Momoa has surfaced and it puts his hair makeover to shame. It is a picture of him from when he was much younger that had been posted to Twitter. The now super-built activist and father was just twenty years old and had no tattoos or facial hair. His hair was completely shorn and he was built but on the lighter side. Jason Momoa looked less like Aquaman and more like a very attractive young model.

Fans did not know how to react to his clean-cut look so they immediately responded. “Imagine being insanely attractive your entire life,” one noted. Another added: “Knew he’s been fine his whole life god zamnnnnn.”Though many adore the way he looks now, there were others who really appreciated his clean-cut style. “Kinda want him to cut his hair and shave his beard now,” a fan shared while one piggybacked with: “Can someone please buy him a scissors?”

A True Experimenter

Jason Momoa is never afraid to be his genuine self. Whether he has a fluffy scruffy beard, handmade tattoos through ritual, or a new hairstyle, he is just purely himself. The father of two and stepfather to actress Zoe Kravitz is all about doing what feels right and shares this on social media with his followers. He embraces familial traditions and embraces life, no matter what is on his head or on his face.

What are your thoughts on fresh-faced, clean-cut Jason Momoa? Do you prefer him bulked and scruffy or newbie Jason or possibly both? Let us know in the comments below.

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