Jason Momoa’s SHOCKING Tattoo


Jason Momoa has a new tattoo and recently showed it off to his fans. The tattoo shocked a lot of fans for two reasons. One was its size, and the other was where it was located.

Here is what you need to know and a look at his new tattoo.

Jason Momoa has a new tattoo

Jason Momoa just did two things that completely shocked his fans. The first thing he did was shave his head for a good cause. The second thing he did was get a giant tattoo on the side of his head. Firstly, Momoa shaved his head and filmed it for fans to see. He talked to his fans during the shaving of his head about eliminating the use of single-use plastics (such as disposable water bottles).

Jason Momoa

He shaved his head to get people to watch and then delivered his message. However, this is not a new message. Jason has always promoted protecting the environment. He even had a mini-feud with Chris Pratt when he saw a photo of the Guardians of the Galaxy star with a water bottle in his hands. Jason promotes the use of aluminum water bottles people can refill as needed.

However, the recent change is even bigger. With no hair on the sides of his head, Jason Momoa got a brand new, massive tattoo on the left side of his head. Jason revealed it in a video where he headed onto a plane going to New Zealand. “I got something pretty special for you,” he said to the camera. “Chief of War coming for ya baby.”

Jason Momoa tattoo | Instagram

What does Jason Momoa’s tattoo mean?

Just Jared reached out to Jason Momoa’s reps, and they revealed what his tattoo meant. “He got his head and neck tattooed. It’s a huge piece; it’s related to his Hawaiian roots and culture,” they revealed. This makes sense, as many stars have tattoos that mean something to their heritage.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got massive amounts of tattoos through the years, and it all relates to his heritage, mostly with his Samoan roots. His chest tattoo was the most prominent, and he has said the images relate to his Samoan roots and overcoming adversity to succeed in life. The rest of his elaborate chest tattoo is a chapter in his life story.

For Momoa, fans might notice the tattoo on his head is like the one on his left forearm. He said in 2014 that these tattoos are tributes to his aumakuea. In Hawaiian mythology, this is the family spirit or guardian that dies and then returns in a new form to protect its ancestors. Jason’s aumakuea is a shark. The symbols represent shark teeth.

What do you think about Jason Momoa’s new tattoo? Were you surprised at its location? Let us know in the comments below.

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