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Jason Momoa Takes It All Off For Plastics


Jason Momoa is known as one of the sexiest men alive. So when he says he is taking it all off for a good cause, no one is complaining. However, the Aquaman star did not specify precisely what he was taking off. Read on to find out what he shed for plastics.

Jason Momoa Takes It All Off (Literally)

The one thing about Jason is that he is highly passionate about everything that he believes in. One of them that he cares deeply for is the environment. Especially taking care of the ocean and land which means that the use of plastic needs to be all but eliminated. In order for Momoa to show his dedication to the cause, he is making a pretty big and bold statement. The actor took to his Instagram to show how he was taking it all off but it was not exactly what all of his fans may have expected.

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Sitting shirtless, with a strand of Tahitians draped around his neck, he filmed as someone proceeded to cut his long locks off. He then held up several braids that had already been snipped. It all culminated with a super close cut which shocked some. However, many of Momoa’s followers applauded him for his dedication to a good cause. Yes, it is a dramatic change but can he ever really look bad, regardless of his hair? Probably not. So, how did his fans and followers respond to him taking it all off?

Fans React To His New Style

Jason Momoa made a bold move by cutting all of his hair off. Then again, it was for a good cause and it was a fresh start for the father of two. Plus, he had so much support from his fans and followers who admired his commitment:

Jason Momoa/Instagram

  • “Always with the best message my man.”
  • “mahalo for advocating to create a better world for future generations to come. spreading aloha not just to the people around us but the places that provide for us. Aloha ʻĀina”
  • “Yooooo, big move for a great cause!”
  • “I never thought I’d see the day 😳 Somehow he’s still smoking hot – the man’s got a gift”
  • “Hair grows back and it’s for a great cause! I’m sure it will look amazing”

It’s clear that his die-hard fans respect the cause more than his beloved locks. More so, they are excited to see the final product once it is finalized and styled. Yes, it might take an adjustment period but it is well worth it.

What are your thoughts on Jason Momoa saying bye-bye to his long tresses? Were you shocked at first? Let us know in the comments below.

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