‘Love Island USA’ Cashay Proudfoot Calls Her Fans ‘Fake’

Cashay Proudfoot - IG

Love Island USA star Cashay Proudfoot has called out her fans as “fake” in a recent Instagram Stories post. While she was only half serious when she said it, the truth is that Cashay is very frustrated by something right now and it might be time for a change.

Here is what has Cashay upset right now with her fans and her current living situation.

Cashay Proudfoot calls fans ‘fake’

Cashay Proudfoot - Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot became an instant fan favorite on Love Island USA Season 3. She was someone that everyone seemed to get behind, especially when fans saw the love triangle forming with her, Cinco Holland, and Trina Njoroge. Fans painted Trina as the villain and Cashay became the ultimate underdog.

When Cashay ended up going home before the finale, fans were upset. Many threatened to stop watching, but then good news arose from her departure. She sought out Cinco and the two hooked up outside the villa. Sadly, that only lasted through the holidays and they broke up again. Since then, Cashay has been working on her career as an influencer and the perks of a reality TV celeb.

However, she has recently started to see if she might be a cat person. She asked her fans about it and several of them praised the idea of owning a cat. Cashay has a cat in her home now, and she seemed to absolutely hate it. On Thursday, she posted in her Instagram Stories that all her fans are “fake.”

It seemed like a joke, but she also seemed a bit frustrated. She said the cat was making sounds all night long and keeping her awake. She revealed that she wasn’t getting any sleep and no one told her it would be so hard to keep the cat quiet. She then said she had the cat for one more week and that would likely be it. Cashay finished by saying she guesses she just isn’t a “cat person.”

Cashay Proudfoot IG

Cashay seems to be living the best life since Love Island USA

While Cashay Proudfoot seems like she is not a cat person, she seems to otherwise be living her best life since her appearance on Love Island USA. She travels a lot based on her Instagram account. She still lives up in New York, which is why she and Cinco broke up since neither was willing to relocate.

However, she has gone to several Love Island USA reunions and seems to be enjoying her life of travel and fun. She also has made lots of appearances at special events and seems to be working still as a model and as a social media influencer.

She also seems to have turned a corner in her love life. In another recent Instagram Stories post, Cashay posted a quote that said she didn’t “want to be a nice person” because that got her run over. Instead, she chose to be “a good person,” saying there is a difference.

What are your thoughts on Cashay Proudfoot and her admission that she is not a cat person? Should she give it some time or just cut ties now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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