‘Love Island USA’: Cinco Shares His Feelings For Cashay & His Celibacy

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Love Island USA Season 3 breakout star Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. talked about his experience in the villa. On Sunday night’s shocking elimination, Cinco had to go home. Will Moncada and Jeremy Hershberg got to stay in the villa, much to the dismay of fans.

The results left to a mixed reaction. Some fans didn’t want to see Cinco go – especially since he brought drama to the villa with his love triangle with Cashay Proudfoot and Trina Njorge. Others were happy to see him go and for the love triangle to finally end. Following his exit, Cinco took to his Instagram Stories to address his feelings for Cashay and the rumors surrounding his virginity.

Love Island USA – Would Cinco date Cashay if she leaves the villa?

Cinco and Cashay had a strong connection during Love Island USA Season 3. The football player took to his Instagram Stories to host a Q&A with fans. He shared his thoughts on whether he would pursue Cashay outside of the villa. He also claimed that he had feelings for Cashay, but he wasn’t sure how she felt about him.

Cashay originally coupled up with Christian Longnecker. Shortly after he left the villa, she coupled up with Cinco when he arrived on Day 2. Cinco felt that Cashay wouldn’t open up to him, leading him to couple up with Trina. He admitted that he genuinely liked Trina when he chose her to couple up with.

Cinco answered one of the fans’ burning questions on his Instagram Story. He had a “great experience” on the show and really didn’t have any regrets. Cinco also felt that Cashay didn’t have strong feelings for him and that she “pushed me away when I really wanted to pursue her.” It’s the reason why the fitness freak went back and forth between the ladies.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
He felt that he put everything into his relationship with Cash, but she wasn’t given anything back. If he was aware of her true feelings for him, their relationship would’ve turned out different. Another fan wanted to know if Cinco will date Cash after she leaves the villa. He responded with a vague response.

“We’ll see when she gets out,” he wrote. It sounds like the ball is in Cash’s court if she wants to pursue a relationship with Cinco.

Why he didn’t couple up with Leslie

Another Love Island USA fan wanted to know why Cinco didn’t couple up with Leslie Golden since she was “fine.” The two had chemistry during Casa Amor. At first, Leslie developed a connection with Korey Gandy. Then she flirted with Cinco and teased the idea of coupling up. Regardless, Cinco stuck with Trina.

Korey left Casa Amor with Leslie, but she left a few days later due to “personal reasons.” Cinco explained that he didn’t want to couple with her because he didn’t want to invite her into his love triangle. He felt that he needed to address his feelings with Trina and Cash first. Adding Leslie to the equation would just make things “super messy.”

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

Is Cinco still a virgin?

During one of the challenges on Love Island USA, Shannon St. Clair revealed that one of the islanders is still a virgin. This led fans to believe that it was Aimee Flores. Others thought that Cinco is the one who’s still chaste. One fan asked him if he’s still practicing abstinence.

[Credit: Cinco/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Cinco/Instagram Stories]
He only responded with a suspicious look on his face and the shrug and eye emojis. Only time will tell if fans will find out who was the virgin out of the villa. Love Island USA airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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