‘Love Island USA’: Fans Rebel, Want Cashay And Cinco Back

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Love Island USA fans are calling the shots. They haven’t had much luck this season. The premise of the show is a group of hot islanders in isolation in a villa for several weeks. Fans use the mobile app to vote for their favorites and eliminate the ones they don’t like.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked. They’ve been calling for Will Moncada, Kyra Lizama, and Jeremy Hershberg to go home. Now, they’re trying a different approach and think Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. and Cashay Proudfoot should return to the villa. Fans are getting increasingly bored with each passing episode.

Why fans want Cinco and Cashay back

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Love Island USA fans called for the cancellation of Season 3. They feel that the show cursed itself by filming in Ninole, Hawaii. Residents are not happy with the noise and flashing lights. The disruption has caused them emotional and mental distress.

On top of that, Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein exited the villa. Josh announced that his sister passed away and he felt the need to be with his family during this time. Shannon wanted to remain by his side, so the two left together. Shannon and Josh were in the running to win the $100,000 grand prize.

Following the heels of Cashay’s elimination, fans feel that things need to change. They feel that the villa is now “dry AF.” Friday night’s recoupling has fans outraged. While most had a feeling that Cash’s days were limited, they were still in shock to see her go.

She was a fan favorite since Day 1. During the recoupling ceremony, the boys had to choose which girl they wanted to couple up with. The girl who doesn’t get picked will get sent home. Initially, Cash was into Cinco, but he coupled up with Trina Njoroge instead. The ongoing love triangle left her with no choice but to pursue Charlie Lynch during Casa Amor.

Love Island USA fans call the shots

Unsurprisingly, Charlie chose to couple with new girl Alana Paolucci. Love Island USA fans called him a “snake” for getting rid of Cash. Now, they’re pushing an online petition to bring Cash and Cinco back for the drama. They argue that the “villa is now DRY AF.”

They’re calling the shots now. They’re demanding to bring Cinco and Cash back, so they can get another chance at love. “Petition to bring Cinco and Cash back,” one fan wrote while another added, “y’all need to bring Cinco & Cash back b/c the villa is now DRY AF!”

Following Friday night’s episode, #JusticeforCinco and #JusticeforCash trended on Twitter. Fans are upset and rightfully show. The CBS producers are the ones calling the shots this season. The power is no longer in the hands of the viewers.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Cinco and Cash should come back? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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  1. I think do to the the unfortunate situation with Josh and Shannan. Cinco and Cash should be brought back to the Villa.

  2. The fans who want Cashay and Cinco back need to move over to Bravo or WeTV if drama is what they want. I want to see a nice show where people find love and win money. Cinco dumped Cash for Trina so WHY does anyone want to see her with him again? He had her but didn’t appreciate her. And she looked so foolish when she told everyone she was leaving the villa to see if she could work things out with him. She needs to find out why she wants him back because that’s not self-love.
    Leave Charlie the hell alone! He chose Cashay but she couldn’t stop telling him that she still had Cinco in her heart. He was right to move forward with Alana or any other woman. What mad fans see there is a black man choosing a white woman. Again, there bias issues and not Charlie’s.

  3. My friends and I have watched Love Island since its conception… This is the first season where the show has lost my interest… the ones that should have won, had to go hame for reasons beyond their control, and Cash who is making the show worth watching was voted off…my friends and I would love to see cash come back…
    Please bring cash back ho.e and send Charlie home

  4. I hate that Charlie did not pick Cash. Definitely bring back Cinco and Cash and give them a shot. They both had a great energy that kept me watching.

  5. The LoveIsland show is very interesting with a lot of twists and turns. I was somewhat confused with the outcome of last Sunday’s voting. I really thought that the group was going to show loyalty to Cash by voting Charlie off ( but this is unreality T.V.). Several of Cash’s associates showed fake tears when she left, but no one wanted to stand up against the manipulative Charlie.

    So until last Sunday, I was all for bringing back Cash…with a Cinco question mark (this would make a more interesting plot). However, as per the rules of the show, Cash was fairly eliminated. The so called Cash’s fan group followed the rules by keeping Manipulative Charlie because they actually feel as though he can find love. Thus, cast’s decision made me realize that every man and woman are simply out for themselves.

    Thanks Cash for showing us an interesting time while you were there. Good luck with Cinco. I don’t knowhow much longer I will be tuning in. Hopefully, we’ll see Miss Sunshine Cash doing other things; she definitely has the talent.

  6. I actually thought after the unfortunate situation with Josh and Shannon there would be another couple returning to the Villa. I would love to see Cinco and Cash return back.

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