‘Love Island USA’: Is Cashay Proudfoot Next To Leave The Villa?

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Love Island USA fans want Cashay Proudfoot to leave the villa and go find Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. She hasn’t had much luck with Charlie Lynch ever since Cinco left. Suddenly, her prince charming turned into a villain. Rather than working on his relationship with Cash, he expressed an interest in the new girl Alana Paolucci.

Fans think he’s just using her to be on the show. Cash is not sure what to think about her relationship. Even though she declared she’s over it, she’s still sticking by his side. On the heels of Shannon and Josh’s s shocking departure, fans have a feeling that she will be the next to leave the villa.

Josh and Shannon exit CBS dating show

Love Island USA fans had a feeling that Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair would make it until the end. They’ve been coupled up since Day 1 on the show. They overcame trust issues, Casa Amor, and petty arguments. Josh wanted to prove to Shannon that he was only there for her and her only.

They were seen as the most genuine couple in the villa. Some fans had a feeling that they would walk away with the $100,000 grand prize. On Thursday night’s episode, Josh and Shannon told the islanders that they had to leave early. After a naughty pajama party, they woke up and noticed that Josh and Shannon’s bed was empty.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
The couple walked in looking upset. They told the group that they decided to leave the show early together Josh revealed that he received a message that his sister passed away. He felt it was best to be by his family’s side during this difficult time. Shannon wanted to stay by her man’s side and offer her support.

Josh’s sister was the reason why he joined Love Island. He ended up finding the love of his life, Shannon. He broke down crying as he talked about how much his sister meant to him. The group said their goodbyes and plenty of tears were shed.

Love Island USA fans think Cashay is the next to go

Cashay’s absence was felt during the second half of the episode. Narrator Matthew Hoffman revealed that she is resting and nursing a toothache in the Hideaway. Since her relationship with Charlie isn’t working out as she hoped, Love Island USA fans think she should leave the show for that reason. Others think that she could get eliminated during Friday night’s recoupling.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Many took to Twitter to note that Cash could end up packing unless one of the boys in the villa chooses her. Fans will have to wait and see how the next recoupling will play out. Keep in mind that no one’s safe and anything can happen during these ceremonies. Love Island USA airs Friday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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