Kody Brown Explains What Really Broke Trust With Christine

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Kody Brown is opening up once again about what really broke his trust when it came to his ex-wife Christine. He’s always maintained that it was the way that she treated her sister wives. This was what turned him off to her but he has much more to say in part two of the tell-all. In fact, he has a lot to say about Christine this time around. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Explains What Really Broke Trust With Christine

Christine has always been under the impression that she failed to be nice enough to Kody Brown’s favorite wife. Had she treated Robyn better, things would have worked out for her. However, she has said that the sun rose and set on his fourth wife and that was quite difficult. Plus, Kody withdrew intimacy from their marriage and that was also the final straw for Christine. Add to that the fact that he said that he was not attracted to her from the get-go. Yet, Kody Brown maintains that there are reasons he lost trust in his former third wife.

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In a TLC clip from part two of the Sister Wives tell-all, Kody is very candid about what really ended things with Christine. He told host Sukanya Krishnan that Christine had talked crap about Meri and Janelle for years to him. He got so frustrated over all of this because he felt that Christine was trying to dissuade him from being with his other wives. So much so that she tried to get him to not reconcile with Meri. Now, this is a claim that Christine has completely denied.


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Though Robyn seems to feel this is true of Christine, Meri has also said told Christine that she was shunning Robyn. However, Christine feels she was never inherently mean to anyone. Rather she may have been more closed off than they would have liked. Yet, her intention was never ever to hurt anyone. Kody Brown ultimately says everything taught him who he can and can’t trust. When asked who that is, he declines and says they can talk about that later.

Fans React

After seeing this clip of Kody Brown lashing out, fans reacted to the clip. “Christine was nothing but nice to Robin even when she saw exactly who Robin is and what she does. She may not have been friends with her but she always respected her and treated her with kindness,” one noted. Another added: “Please cancel Kody and Robyn and toss Meri in too. People are only invested in seeing Janelle and Christine shine.”

Do you think that Kody Brown is making Christine out to be the bad one since he’s still bitter? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Christine broke things with Kody the Creep….not the other way around. Now Kody the Creep is just looking for ways to keep from looking like a LOSER….but he will always look that way to all of us.

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