Kody Brown ‘Frustrated’ Over Christine’s Past Sister Wives Disrespect

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Kody Brown is expressing how “frustrated” he is with how Christine disrespected her former sister wives. In the past, she apparently was not so kind toward them. More so, she had a tendency to talk behind their backs which really bothered him. This situation had come up on the show during Season 17. Now, it is being further expounded upon during part two of the tell-all, which airs Sunday on TLC and discovery+. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown ‘Frustrated’ Over Christine’s Past Sister Wives Disrespect

In the past, Kody Brown has shared that his former third wife, Christine would talk a lot of smack about her sister wife, Janelle. He said this after seeing how close the two had become. This was also noted when Christine revealed that she was only going to stay close and in touch with his former second wife. Yet, Christine was firm with the idea that she needed space from his first and fourth wives, Meri and Robyn. Now, according to Us Weekly, Kody is elaborating on the backtalking he alluded to even further.

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“Christine s—t talked Janelle and Meri for two years to me. This is why I was getting frustrated,” Kody Brown explained during part two of the tell-all. He added that Christine would say that he was “sleeping with the enemy.” Furthermore, he had this to say: “I’d talk about reconciling with Meri and Christine loses it.” This is a claim that Christine has vehemently denied. However, when Christine would talk poorly of Janelle, Kody would jump to defend her.

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“I’m going, ‘I understand that Janelle has certain nuances or quirks … but I love her and I’m still in this relationship with her.’ And you’re telling me that she mistreated you.” The ladies do get along famously now, even collaborating on their own wellness business. As for Robyn, Meri claims that Christine had been shutting her out. This was not Christine’s intention whatsoever.

Where Do They Stand Today?

Kody Brown is now down to one wife as Meri and Janelle revealed that they have left the plural marriage with him, as well. Yet, what about his wives? Yes, Christine and Janelle are still very close. Their sons even celebrated the holidays together and posted photos of their time online. As for Robyn, she and Christine came together just last month as Christine’s daughter, Mykelti gave birth to twin boys. Mykelti is quite close to Robyn and always has been. She was unable to be there for the birth of Mykelti’s firstborn, Avalon so she had been Zoomed in.

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This time around, she was actually in Utah for the arrival of the twins so it seems the women can make it work when they need to. Finally, Meri and Christine can never get along. In part one of the tell-all, Christine revealed that she had to end their friendship for her own safety. Meri had a tendency to make fun of Christine which was something she had also done to Janelle in the early years. The family is still a mixed bag but still very fractured.

Do you think Kody Brown is telling the truth about Christine’s behavior and backtalking or is he still bitter? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. I don’t believe Kody, according to him Christine is to blame for everything. truth be told Robin probably started the rumors

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