Emmy Medders Bonds With ‘Bachelor’ Alum Over Deadly Disease

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Emmy Medders, Chase Chrisley’s fiance, was Savannah’s guest on her podcast this week. Throughout the first half of the podcast, Emmy Medder’s father and his struggle with ALS was a pretty consistent topic of conversation. Emmy opened up about how hard the situation was for her entire family. She shared that it was especially hard for her mother who was essentially her husband’s 24/7 caretaker. Sadly, Emmy explained her mother didn’t get a lot of sleep these days as she didn’t have extra support to care for her husband overnight.

Emmy and Savannah Chrisley Unlocked Podcast YouTube
Emmy and Savannah Chrisley Unlocked Podcast YouTube

Chase Chrisley’s fiance tells Savannah she’s received tons of messages from people who have been touched by ALS connecting to her. She admits Chase is amazing, but there is only so much support he can provide when he doesn’t know what she’s enduring or how she’s feeling. Emmy reveals she actually reached out to a former member of the Bachelor cast who had a connection to ALS to see if they could offer any advice on where to get support.

Emmy said that she reached out to a “Sarah” on The BachelorShe explained that Sarah actually walked away from the show because her father had ALS. Emmy Medders asked Savannah if she knew who she was referring to. Savannah’s face suggested she had no idea who Sarah was.

Bachelor: Sarah Trott offers Emmy Medders ALS support

As those who are well versed on all things Bachelor knows, Sarah Trott’s father passed away after a long battle with ALS last year. Emmy reached out to Sarah on social media with the hopes she would have advice on getting the proper support as she knew exactly what Emmy was feeling. Turns out, Sarah Trott was amazing and extremely supportive of Emmy. Emmy recalled Sarah opening her eyes to all sorts of support networks for ALS on Facebook. And, it was exactly what she needed.

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Savannah Chrisley finally caught up to the conversation saying she remembered what Emmy was talking about. And, she added that she loved Emmy got the support she needed from the Bachelor alum. She knew Chase supported his fiance. But, there was only so much support he could give and Emmy needed something a little more. Savannah pointed out that it likely works both ways as Emmy Medders is also very supportive of their situation. She, however, doesn’t know exactly what they feel about their parents going to jail.

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