Savannah Chrisley Reveals Will Miss Dad Todd More Than Mom

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Savannah Chrisley caught heat when she mentioned during the episode of her podcast she released just before Thanksgiving she was grieving the loss of her parents. On multiple social media platforms, fans thought it was disgusting that Savannah acted as if she was in mourning over a parent when her parents were very much still alive. The Chrisley Knows Best star rehashed this statement despite the backlash during her most recent podcast episode.

Savannah, Todd, Julie Chrisley - YouTube
Savannah, Todd, Julie Chrisley – YouTube

Savannah Chrisley mourns losing her parents

Now, Savannah has explained that she likely mourns the loss of her father a little more than her mother. She has revealed during a few different podcasts that her father just “gets her.” For Savannah, she can enter a room and her father just knows when something is wrong.

She admits that he is her safe space where she can just fall to pieces and he will help her pick them up and put her back together again. Despite being an adult, she continues to turn to and lean on her father when she needs that support. So, she’s having a pretty hard time dealing with the fact that he’s going to be behind bars for a very long time.

Emmy and Savannah Chrisley Unlocked Podcast YouTube
Emmy and Savannah Chrisley Unlocked Podcast YouTube

On multiple podcast episodes, Savannah has explained that it is difficult to grieve the loss of a parent who isn’t actually dead. During one podcast episode, she noted that she hoped to reach out to other people who were experiencing the same things she was going through. She was especially interested in reaching out to those who felt as though the criminal system had done their family an injustice.

Todd has encouraged her to be strong

During this difficult time, Savannah admits her father continues to be her rock. He’s told his daughter she has to be strong. Moreover, he pointed out that she can still talk to him every day even though he is behind bars. Likewise, she isn’t actually losing her parent. So, she should consider herself lucky as there are some people who are mourning the real loss of their parents and not just an uncomfortable distance.

Savannah tells her followers she’s trying to put some distance between her and her parents so she can easier cope with the situation more.

Do you think Savannah is being dramatic in her claims she’s mourning her parents? Let us know down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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