‘Bachelor’ Alum Sarah Trott Shares Devastating Loss

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Sarah Trott became an early front-runner on Matt James season. She had a one-on-one and shared a lot of personal information with the Bachelor lead from the beginning. It became obvious Sarah was struggling when she crashed a group date to get more time with Matt. She seemed to just need assurance he truly cared about her which rubbed a lot of girls in the house the wrong way.

Initially, she said the reason she was so upset was that Matt was dating other women when they had a strong connection. Later, she self-eliminated because she felt she needed to return home and care for her father who has ALS. After she left, she faced backlash for supposedly going on the show to advance her popularity for her business. She also was accused of having a boyfriend when she went onto the show.  In the end, her representation spoke for her and she chose to just focus on her family.

Instagram Sarah Trott

What News Did Sarah Trott Have To Share

Sarah Trott took to social media to share she’d lost her father to ALS. Trott shared pictures of her father and herself as a child. She said he had six years of “extra innings,” and surpassed everyone’s expectations according to Bachelor Nation.

She said, “Where do I even begin with this guy?! What an incredible man and inspiration. I love you endlessly and miss you so much already. You hung up your jersey last Friday after a hard fight with ALS.” Sarah said her father loved celebrating big and small moments in life. She said he loved reminding them and guests that, “the bar is open!”

Instagram Sarah Trott

Bachelor Nation Sent Their Love To Her

Sarah Trott received a lot of love from other stars in the franchise. Katie Thurston butted heads with Sarah but ended up reaching an understanding with her because she too lost her father. She said, “sending you so much love.”

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon said, “I’m so sorry Sarah! Thinking of you!” Rachael Kirkconnel said, “what an incredible man and an inspiration to us all! I know you’ll continue to share his kindness and positivity to all of us.”

Sarah concluded her post saying the last game they watched together as a family was his beloved Red Sox. She said now he had the best seats in the house. Sarah said, “my amazing dad, a true family man, my mentor, my inspiration and loving father. You fought so bravely. It was an absolute honor to know you for 25 years.”

Sarah has spoken in the past about leaving the show to be with her family. She has no regrets. What are your thoughts on Sarah’s lovely tribute? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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