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Todd Chrisley’s Upcoming Detailed Prison Schedule Revealed

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Todd Chrisley is starting to see what his life will look like on the inside when he heads to jail next month. His job might not be the most desirable plus the pay will be extremely lacking. Plus, he will have to follow everything by the book and ask for permission with whatever he does. Now, there is even more insight as to what his day-to-day schedule will look like and it is less than appealing. Read on for more details.

Todd Chrisley’s Upcoming Detailed Prison Schedule Revealed

Next month, Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie will start serving their combined nineteen-year sentence. They will be around three hours apart from one another with limited communication. Yes, the married duo will be able to send emails and letters, and possibly packages. However, those will have to be sent with permission. Todd’s jobs will be extremely menial, being paid cents per hour though Julie’s has not been disclosed. So, what will a typical day look like for the next twelve years for the Chrisley patriarch?

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According to TMZ, he will have a very specific uniform for his minimum security FPC in Florida. Todd will have to wear green pants and a matching shirt along with white socks and steel-toed black boots. Every morning, 445 am means it’s lights on with breakfast starting at 5 am and running for an hour. Todd Chrisley will have until 630 am to make up his bed but not just in any fashion but military style is required. To complete that part of the morning, his room needs to be spotless.

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Todd will then start his workday which could be at approximately 730 am. He has a bevy of jobs that could come his way but the lowest one would be cleaning toilets. After a few hours, he will get to eat lunch at 11 am and then return to work until dinner from 430 to 530 pm. Fortunately, his workday will come to a close anywhere between 3 pm and 5 pm, depending on what he is doing. The final activity is getting mail at 830 pm with the lights dimming two hours after.

Fun Time

It’s not all regimented for Todd Chrisley. The jail does have a bevy of fun and athletic activities for him to participate in if he so chooses. There are sports like softball, flag football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball to keep him in good shape. However, if Todd Chrisley is feeling more creative and wants to make his wife a gift, there’s art and woodworking.

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Finally, he can also do weight training or music if that is something more up his alley. Oh, and if he wants his family to come in and see him, he can have a maximum of five people at a time. That seems pretty lenient and a good amount considering he has five kids and Chloe. Whether or not the children will want to see him like this is a better question.

Do you think Todd Chrisley will be able to adhere to these stringent rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I think it will be hard for Todd at first but he’s got a good level head on his shoulders so I think he’ll make it it’s gonna be hard because he’s a family man used to running things Todd’s way now he can’t and he will be worried about Julie too that’s gonna be hard on him and especially his momma God bless her soul will Todd be able to live with himself if anything happens to his mother while he’s locked up
    We just have to keep them all in 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 That everything goes according to God’s plan it’s all in his hands now

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