When Will Todd Chrisley Go To Jail & Where Is He Going?

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The verdict is in and Todd Chrisley has been sentenced to 12 years in jail. One of many big questions fans have at this point is simple: When will Todd Chisley go to jail exactly? And, what jail is he going to? Here’s everything we know about the new place Todd is preparing to call home.

Todd Chrisley sentencing verdict

As TvShowsAce reported last night, Todd Chrisley’s sentencing verdict was released. Todd’s legal team argued he shouldn’t be given more than nine years behind bars. And, the prosecution wanted him to do as many as 22 years. Finding a happy medium, the judge ordered Todd to serve 12 years behind bars. After his release, Todd was also ordered to serve 16 months of probation.

Todd Chrisley Battles With Nanny Faye [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

When will Todd Chrisley officially go to jail?

There are some conflicting reports on when Todd Chrisley is expected to report to jail. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Todd’s official report date is January 15, 2023. There are, however, some conflicting reports noting both Todd and Julie have to turn themselves in on Friday. Because of the conflicting reports, some outlets are holding off on reporting when exactly Todd goes to jail.

Where is he being locked up?

According to Insider, Federal Judge Eleanor Ross recommended that Todd serve his time at FCI Pensacola.

Todd Chrisley plans to appeal for a new trial

The entire Chrisley family maintains that both Todd and Julie Chrisley are innocent. Federal Judge Eleanor Ross pointed out that Todd and Julie’s refusal to admit their crimes and show remorse is part of the reason why they were sentenced to so much time behind bars. Todd and Julie’s legal team argues the couple deserves a new trial because an IRS agent, under pressure from the prosecution, made a falsified testimony. The legal team argues this false testimony presented the couple in a bad light and caused an unfair trial.

Todd Chrisley YouTube
Todd Chrisley YouTube

According to Savannah Chrisley’s podcast, the legal system in the United States is broken. And, her parents could not file an appeal until after they received their sentencing. She explained this meant her family would have to go through a short time of pain and hurt before they could get the justice they deserved. She, however, reassured her listeners that Todd and Julie would immediately be filing an appeal for a new trial.

Are you surprised Todd Chrisley ended up being sentenced to 12 years behind bars? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

Allie Johnson


    1. I believe if they are guilty of the crimes then yes…its fair…but its also fair for ex presidents guilty of the same crimes and worse …. to be convicted and sentenced in the same manner!!!

    2. Prisons punish children too. All about punsmishment instead rehabilitation. Why not half the sentence and turn over possession to the homeless and other countries. This is why 80 percent person go back prison in 5 years. Punish ment only. Children grow up.without parents likely go prison too. A so knowing judge would already see that this is facts. Too much punishment and no rehabilitation has terrible ripple effect. When you reoffend it’s on others. I seen one judge that actually noticed harsh punish isn’t doing anything. His new program so much more benefits. Judges are therapists. Once u understand the psychology of it. . There’s a prison in Norway with 15 percent chance you go back. Which means less harm done to others. And the children . Most people on death row were in foster care or parents prison all that. At least half or so that’s a lot. Hate will never work for punishment. I’m sure 15 million dollars would work well for homeless. I see greed everyday that’s no crime unless steal. Less sentences have been given to drug dealers.

    3. Those two kids first of all ….one is his oldest son’s child who has two parents but one is on drugs, the kids mother, i dunno about ….and the other, Grayson is 17..they should of thought of their kids instead of wanting more and more money…i honestly cannot even imagine Todd in a prison system, sharing a cell, sleeping on a hard bunk bed or cot, being ordered around, told no, eating lousy foods, unlike what he is used to, being stripped searched, and living prison life day in/day out 12 years….. I’m sure he will fanangle his way out with attorney help somehow….he thinks he’s above everyone and everything but then you take a look at his mother, how she acts, it’s clear why he is that way. just hoping hes not beat up for money….or worse…..prison is not a country club…..far from it and Pensacola where he’s headed, he’s in for a shock. I feel Julie is going to prison, because of Todds influence……she comes from a better family and acts more normal. I used to watch their show all the time…..everyone has some kind of problem……this one they made themselves…….the love of money is the root of all evil.

  1. I feel so bad for the kids as they are innocent in this. However, Todd and Julie should have thought of that before committing multiple crimes that were planned and well thought out. Unfortunately, white collar crimes are just as bad as blue collar crimes. Everyone else is held accountable- they must be too. You do the crime- you do the time. I hope the children can remain strong as their parents are serving their sentences.

  2. Watched them for years, I did like the show when it first came out, but as they got older and more privileged it got to be like they were better than everyone else. They are grounded now for sure, but he is going to the nicest prison in America, so not hard time at all for him. But I am glad that they were caught and convicted, that will show that even the uppity ups aren’t safe from breaking the law.

  3. They totally deserve what they got,they should of thought of the kids before they did what they did,they should have been locked up there and then,at the end of the day they are criminals,they broke the law and now have to pay for it,well tough luck,just because you are famous does not make them immune

  4. I hope to see the chrisley’s picking up trash on the side of the road. Only because they haven’t taken any responsibility for what they have done. Todd and Julie remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker all the sudden they found god.

  5. They deserve everything they got they our the most stuckup they think they are so perfect and better than anybody half the money looks like it went on there discusting plastic surgery there faces look frozen especially Todd’s ugly ass there kids act just like them sad .. and the perfect couple should get way more time cause if it was ordinary people it would have been worse alot worse.. anyway I will pray for the kids . And hopefully they will NOT TURN OUT LIKE THERE POS PARENTS!!!! and believe this that pussy Todd will be SOMEONE’S BITCH ON THE FIRST DAY OF PRISON HEY TODD DONT BEND OVER FOR THE SOAP LOLOL HAHAHAHA GOOD LUCK ASSHOLES .. YOU DESERVE IT

    1. You’re going to pray with that mouth, really? I’m like this, as well. Always have to pray for myself, before others.

  6. If the “crime” is all about money that the IRS was cheated out of, then maybe it would be more productive for the funds to be paid back! What’s going to really be accomplished by spending year in year out behind bars? They seriously were given longer sentences than rapists, it’s absurd! These are not people who are a danger to society, and these sentences were unfair.

  7. While I do think it’s a little harsh, I feel they should get some jail time.
    It will be interesting to see if SBF is treated similarly.

  8. I don’t feel bad my Uncle lost everything because of thise two crooks ripping off his little Savings and Loan. Julie would walk in acting so wealthy then Todd would show up too sign fraud papers. My Uncle trusted them both until it was discovered they were phonies. What about his kids and our family. After what my uncle went through and all of the people who were ripped off no way. Those kids are spoiled monsters of greed. The good out of this is they may now have a normal life. I have first-hand knowledge Savanaha is having so many people write these sad comments about the kids missing them. Crap she is guilty too and she knows it. Where has she hid the money Todd gave her. Todd is a thief and so is Julie so with that said there is a money vault somewhere full of cash. Bonnie and Clyde have a hide out for later. The bull about lies. Wake up they are both big liars and most of their greedy family. Scammers who broke and raped hard working people’s life savings while Todd would fly to Beverly Hills for a haircut. All of those sick Botox injections. I don’t where blinders so let’s let justice prevail.

  9. I have autism and watching Chrisley knows best brings me so much joy. it is breaking my heart that America is being heartless and sending my hero, who I sadly may never get to meet and be friends with, go to jail.

  10. Who cares about sympathy for the Chrisleys. The money defrauded by them. Could’ve positively enriched several families in AMERICA….

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