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Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Conviction Sentencing Concludes: Details

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November 21st is a big deal for Chrisley Knows Best fans as Todd and Julie Chrisley’s conviction sentencing concludes and the details are revealed. As fans know, Todd and Julie’s legal team have been working around the clock in an attempt to get the guilty verdict thrown out. While the reality TV couple did manage to get their sentencing delayed — the big day has finally arrived.

What punishment will Todd and Julie Chrisley receive for being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud? Will the Chrisley Knows Best star spend time behind bars? What kind of fees will the couple have to pay? Keep reading for the details as Todd and Julie Chrisley’s conviction sentencing concludes.

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Todd and Julie Chrisley conviction sentencing concludes: The details

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie returned to court today (Monday, November 21) for their sentencing hearing. Per FOX 5 Atlantathe prosecutor wants Todd Chrisley to serve between 210 and 262 months behind bars. And, the prosecutor wants Julie to serve 121 to 151 months behind bars.

Presently, Todd and Julie’s lawyers are arguing the reality TV stars deserve a new trial. Their legal team is arguing that an IRS officer’s testimony was falsified because of the pressure she was under via the prosecution.

Todd & Julie Chrisley's Guilty Verdict [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]
Update: The federal judge has just issued the sentencing for both Todd and Julie Chrisley. Todd Chrisley has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, as well as an additional 16 months probation. Julie Chrisley was sentenced to seven years in prison, plus an additional 16 months probation.

What were they found guilty of exactly?

Back in June of this year, a federal jury found Todd and Julie Chrisley guilty of conspiracy to defraud Atlanta banks. They were also found guilty of tax fraud. Per the prosecution, Todd and Julie Chrisley defrauded over $30 million from banks in Atlanta.

The jury found that Todd and Julie Chrisley committed multiple fraud schemes for several years and their accountant, Peter Tarantino, filed false corporate tax returns on their behalf.”

Are you surprised by the details of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s conviction sentencing? Do you think the punishment fits the crime? Do you still believe the reality TV couple’s argument that they were set up for these crimes? Let us know what you think of this end result in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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    1. They got what was deserved for the crimes they committed. They both knew that they did not make the money legally to support their lifestyle. I enjoyed watching the show because it was very funny but they are not excused for their actions just because they had a funny show!!!

    2. Do the Crime do the time!!!! they ain’t no better than anyone else and maybe this will knock them off their pedestals a bit.

  1. they got caught up in a world of problems anybody could i guess I will pray for them and their family I’m not rich and im not God so I won’t judge it’s not my place i hope they do a long u time f tdon’t do that long of time maybe for there kids sake they should be on a low budget and do community service for that whole amount of time not big on sen

  2. I love them but I also believe that guilty people dont want to take responsibility for their actions. They are smart people. If they were set up, why couldn’t they prove it. They should have records for everything they paid including taxes. If they don’t have that, too bad for them.

  3. They do deserve punishment but come on rapist & murderers get less time! Judge gave them a ridiculous sentence. I seriously hope they’re going to appeal

  4. In my book they didn’t get enough time. If it were anyone else the judge would have thrown the book at them. Justice was not served you do the crime you do the time.

  5. If you have to live a rich style to be happy then pay the price of being poor in jail if it’s off the back of a business or people can’t say to bad feel bad for the kids that are in reality check right now they don’t have a clue what it’s like to not drive 100k cars and go shopping for boredom

  6. Everyone is so quick to punish when it isn’t you. They perpetrated a white collar crime, they didn’t kill anyone. So many more heinous crimes are committed with the perps serving so much less time. More significantly, they are not the only ones ever to do this and the bigger crimes are perpetrated by corrupt politicians for so much more and and they hardly get more than a slap on the wrist. If they really did this they should feel extremely remorseful considering the lives of their children. Their corrupt CPA will lose his license and not be able to perform public accounting. He received a 36 month sentence. The guy who blew the whistle on the Chrisley’s should be punished as well since he was part and parcel of this. I’m sure he took a huge payout. Why should he get off without charges. Whatever else he his claiming is irrelevant. I’m sorry for the children here because their whole lives are forever changed for the worse. I hope that they can get an appeal. I hope that they have proof of their innocence.

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