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Chaos Hits The Waldrops On Christmas Day, See Video

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With nine children, Sweet Home Sextuplets fans can only wonder how expensive and chaotic Christmas Day is for Courtney and Eric Waldrop. Somehow, however, the TLC alums manage to make the magic happen for their children.

Sadly, Courtney and Eric made the heartbreaking decision a while back that they were done with reality TV. They were ready for their children to get away from the cameras and have a little privacy in their lives. They, however, still have their 600K followers on Instagram watching for updates on the family. And, Courtney has promised to share photos and videos to keep them in the loop.

Fortunately, Courtney Waldrop decided to give her followers a window into what Christmas morning looked like for her children this year. And, fans agreed it could only be described as “organized chaos.” Fans admitted in the comments of the video they were in awe of the way the children calmly filed into the room of organized presents before they chaotically began to rip into them.

Courtney Waldrop, YouTube

Courtney Waldrop admits she loves the organized chaos

In the caption of her Instagram post, Courtney Waldrop doesn’t shortchange the fact that getting Christmas together for nine children, herself, and her husband is a lot of work. But, few things are more exciting for her than watching her children pour into the room and excitedly open the presents to see what new toys they got this year.

She penned: “This moment right here is so much fun!! The anticipation, the excitement, the smiles!! I forget about all it took to get to this moment😝 and just soak it all in and love every second of it😍🎄😍.”

Instagram adored the organized chaos

In response to the video, there was nothing but love in the comments for Courtney and Eric. Some parents with large families and lots of children agreed this organized chaos was what they lived for. Here’s some of what fans had to say in response to the video:

  • “I just love your family! I miss seeing all of you on TV. Happiest of New Years to all of you…”
  • “Organized chaos. Coming from a family with 9 children this scene brought back fond memories.”
  • “I wrap each child’s presents in a different gift wrap so there’s no confusion. Not your paper? Not your present.”
  • “I hope you and Eric find time to rest over the holidays”

Instagram was in agreement that they hoped Courtney and Eric Waldrop never stopped sharing their family completely with their fans.

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