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Lois Griffin Dead Trends: Did Stewie Finally Kill His Mom?


Lois Griffin dead is trending across multiple social media platforms and Family Guy fans who aren’t current with new episodes of the series are wondering if Stewie was finally successful in killing his mother. Has there been a major cast shake-up? As the matriarch of Family Guy been killed off? Keep reading for the details on why Lois Griffin dead is trending.

Lois Griffin - Stewie - Family Guy - YouTube
Lois  – Stewie – Family Guy – YouTube

Lois Griffin Dead Trends: Did Stewie Finally Kill Her?

Family Guy fans were a bit surprised when they popped onto TikTok and Twitter the day after Christmas to see Lois Griffin dead was trending. Turns out, this trend actually started as a prank. It involved Family Guy fans showing other fans of the show that Lois Griffin was confirmed dead at 43. The videos proceeded to capture the genuine reaction of fans learning that Family Guy killed off a main character.

Turns out, so many people have started doing this trend on TikTok and Twitter that it caused a bit of traction and the keyword “Lois Griffin dead” actually began to trend. For those who haven’t seen the prank videos, the trending of the keyword alone caused them to wonder of Stewie was actually successful in ending his mother.

Family Guy - Lois Griffin - YouTube
Family Guy – Lois – YouTube

The Internet Reacts To The Trend

As those who have watched the adult animation series from the beginning know, Stewie has always had the goal of ending his mother. Tons of scenes and sometimes what feels like nearly entire episodes are dedicated to Stewie plotting out the end of his mother. So, fans didn’t find “Lois Griffin dead” as a completely unfounded possibility as Stewie has been trying to get her for a very long time. Likewise, many fans argue they wouldn’t put it past Lois’ less than intelligent husband doing something so stupid it accidentally claimed her life.

Here are some of the reactions the internet has had to this trend on social media this morning:

One concerned fan penned: “guys ik the lois griffin dead at 43 thing is a joke but just to confirm is she actually cause i haven’t been watching the latest family guy episodes.”

Several fans admit they were concerned something happened to the actress behind Lois’ voice.

Another fan shamefully admitted:not me looking up lois griffin dead at 43.”

Let us know what you think about this social media trend in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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