Seth MacFarlane & ‘Family Guy’ Continue To Deter ‘Cancel Culture’

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How do Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy continue to deter cancel culture after 21 successful seasons? Seth MacFarlane has some ideas on how his popular show stays relevant, popular, and most importantly, not canceled by angry viewers. 

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane has long been a beloved comedian. His work includes movies such as Ted, Johnny Bravo, Family Guy, The Orville, and American Dad. Not only does he write, animate, and create some of the best animated shows currently on television, Seth is a talented singer. In addition to Meghan Trainor, Barbara Streisand and Ariana Grande, he has performed with a number of other famous musicians. The 49-year-old multitalented man has released 7 albums. Seth has won several awards including 5 Primetime Emmy’s for his work on Family Guy where he not only is the creator, but also is the voice of several characters. He is producer of several other shows besides Family Guy. He even had a frog in Ecuador named after him in 2022, as well as an asteroid that was first discovered in 1999. 

Seth - YouTube

Family Guy 

In 1999, Family Guy aired its very first episode and immediately became a hit. Revolving around a family of five with their snarky dog, Family Guy made audiences everywhere settle down late at night for a half hour of laughs and groans. With a large cast of supporting characters Family Guy’s popularity continues to grow. Many people do not know that the show was based on Seth’s senior thesis for college. After 21 seasons of sarcastic and sometimes inappropriate jokes, what exactly is the secret behind avoiding the dreaded “cancel culture”?

Cancel Culture 

Celebrities and talk show hosts are frequently targeted by cancel culture. People can sometimes organize campaigns to end something they view as unfair or offensive when they are united against it. This could be because of a disappointing past or because of a nasty tweet posted by a celebrity. These campaigns such are commonly referred to as cancel culture. Recently Chrissy Teigen, Dr. Oz, and Kanye West have all been the focus of cancel campaigns. Cancel culture took out popular shows like Roseanne and COPS. So how does Seth MacFarlane escape being the target of angry fans?

Seth - YouTube
Seth – YouTube

The Secret to Success 

Seth MacFarlane spoke up about what he thinks is the secret to his success. To avoid cancelation, fictional, animated characters are the best option, Seth explained. Because the hilarious family isn’t on social media they can’t create controversies that could make the show a target. Additionally Seth stated, “Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin and Lois Griffin are not actual people that you can find on social media because they don’t exist.” Seth is proud of the work he has done with Family Guy. It’s popularity shows no sign of slowing down. The show will return for Season 22 in March of 2023.

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