Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie & Craig Melvin [Today Show | YouTube]

Hoda Kotb Swipes At Craig Melvin, Calls Him A Procrastinator?

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Hoda Kotb swipes at Craig Melvin and calls him a procrastinator. Savannah Guthrie tried to mediate the situation as she sat in between the feuding co-hosts. The awkward moment took place on Friday’s broadcast of the Today Show. The trio talked about last-minute shoppers.

Hoda Kotb & Craig Melvin feud

Craig Melvin kicked things off by warning viewers there are so many Christmas shopping days left. He said: “It’s a big weekend for shopping, too.” Hoda Kotb interrupted him and yelled: “Procrastinators!” He responded: “Come on, now!” as he had a serious look on his face. Savannah sat in between them and looked at the camera.

Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
She looked uncomfortable during the random moment. Hoda Kotb laughed and joked: “Are expected to turn out in droves to scoop up those vital bargains.” She then assured Craig that she was only joking around with him. Savannah laughed as Craig hollered.

The Today co-hosts handed the segment over to Vicki Nguyen, who couldn’t resist mentioning Hoda’s swipe toward Craig. “Hey, Hoda’s the one that gave you the look, not me!” Vicki said. She noticed the dirty look that Hoda Kotb gave him at the beginning of the live broadcast.

Avoids flirty guest on Today Show

Earlier this week, Craig Melvin avoided a flirty guest on the talk show. He wasn’t there to get in trouble on the air. He walked toward the desk when lifestyle Kathy Buccio tried to get close to him during a segment on budget holiday gifts.

Craig was joined by Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones. Kathy talked about a set of Jo Malone fragrances. She walked up to him and held the bottle up to his nose: “Smell it! Craig, just…” Kathy sprayed the fragrance on his neck and chest before he could say anything.

Dylan Dreyer, Sheinelle Jones & Craig Melvin With Guest [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
He was obviously uncomfortable during the segment and didn’t want to end up in his own morning show scandal. She wanted to see how the fragrance smelled on him, but he refused.

Kathy moved on socks and mini microphones. Craig tried to sneak off the set and stood at the end of the desk. Sheinelle carried on with the rest of the segment. He kept his distance from Kathy and turned her down. He later joked that he thought his co-host “was about to start singing.”

Craig Melvin is a married man

Craig Melvin is happily married to FOX Sports anchor, Lindsay Czarnick. The couple shares two children, Delano, eight, and Sybil, six. They met on WRC-TV, where he previously worked, and after she returned after she covered the 2008 Summer Olympics. Craig and Lindsay showed off their cooking skills during a Thanksgiving segment on the talk show.

What are your thoughts on Hoda Kotb swiping at Craig Melvin and calling him a procrastinator? Do you agree with her? Are you a last-minute shopper? Sound off below in the comment section.

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