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Hoda Kotb Pushes Al Roker Out & Steals His Dressing Room

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With Al Roker away because of his health struggles, his dressing room on the set of The Today Show has been unoccupied. Per a recent report by The Sun, his co-worker Hoda Kotb has seized the opportunity by pushing Al Roker out and stealing the dressing room for herself.

The Today Show viewers finally got an update on Al Roker

Now, Al Roker wasn’t physically on the show today. But, he was there in spirit. His colleagues brought him up as a topic of conversation during the “can’t miss” segment. Hoda kicked off the conversation by sharing the “great, great news” that Al was no longer in the hospital. Fortunately, he was finally given the green light that he was well enough to return home.

Savannah Guthrie added to the conversation that everyone desperately wanted him to return to the show as soon as possible. But, it was important for him to put his health first and make a full recovery. Savannah explained that Al Roker would be the one who decides when Al Roker returns to the show. She continued to explain it was important for him to trust his own judgment on when he was healthy enough to return. And, everyone else would respect his wishes until then.

Al Roker celebrating his birthday on 'Today' - YouTube/TODAY

Hoda Kotb takes over his dressing room, pushes him out

As the entire panel celebrated learning Al Roker, Carson Daly decided to dig a little deeper into the conversation. Namely, he wanted to call out Hoda Kotb for pushing Al Roker out and taking over his dressing room. Carson admitted that he reached out to Al via text and told him what Hoda was doing.

He explained: “I wrote him a text. Al, you gotta come back. This is like turning out to be Hoda’s third closet.”

Carson Daly
[Today Show | YouTube]
Carson continued to explain Hoda had moved a whole rack of clothing into Al’s closet. The entire panel laughed as Hoda dove into the conversation admitting that Al Roker sent the photo to her.
She recalled: “He said something, like: ‘My work wife is now taking over my closet!”

Carson doubled down on this being the reason why Al Roker needed to return to the show as soon as possible. “You gotta get back!” He exclaimed as the conversation concluded.

Hoda Kotb YouTube Today Show

What are your thoughts on Hoda taking over Al Roker’s personal space on the set of The Today Show? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news!

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