‘GMA’ Sam Champion Makes Fans Thirst With Post-Workout Selfie

Sam Champion

GMA co-anchor Sam Champion makes fans thirst with a post-workout selfie. He shared a photo of himself in a tank top and shorts which has fans drooling. Keep on reading to learn more and see the photo for yourself.

Sam Champion shares post-workout selfie

On Friday, December 16, Sam Champion shared his post-workout selfie. It’s different from his daily selfies on Twitter, in which he would share a photo of himself at work with a mug of coffee in his hand. He’s also normally dressed in his business attire. This time, Sam wore a black tank top with matching shorts.

He sat on a chair with his thighs on display. Sam’s trademark platinum blonde hair was messy and unkempt from his workout. He also held a tall white mug in his hand. Despite the adrenaline rush, he still needed his coffee.

Sam Champion & Rubem [Sam Champion | Instagram]
[Sam Champion | Instagram]
Workout done! ✅! Now cloudy Saturday stuff … like actually getting chores done. 😉😁” Sam Champion wrote in his Instagram post.

Fans couldn’t help but rave about his good looks. They took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them were focused on his bulging biceps thighs. Others were distracted by his blue eyes.

  • “Those blue eyes are very piercing.”
  • “You look great!! Always.”
  • “So sexy.”
  • “Looking so good Sammy.”
  • “Aging well.”
  • Serving thighs.👏🏽
  • “Hello, handsome. ❤️

Robin Roberts agrees

Sam Champion’s fans aren’t the only ones who are in love with his good looks. His GMA co-host and best friend Robin Roberts agrees with them. According to a previous report on TV Shows Ace, she admitted that he was “worth the climb.” Their banter took place during a live weather report this week.

Robin made a suggestive comment about his height. On Tuesday’s broadcast of Good Morning America, Sam discussed the weather. Somehow the conversation shifted to his height. Sam complained about his stature, especially when he was around Robin. He joked that people assume he’s short when he’s standing next to Robin.

Sam Champion Wears Tank & Shorts [Sam Champion | Instagram]
[Sam Champion | Instagram]
Sam Champion assured people that he was six feet tall. Robin added: “Six feet and worth the climb.” She added: “Sam is always a giant in my eyes!” Fans loved witnessing their interaction on the live show. Some of them took to Twitter to react to the humorous scene.

  • “I didn’t miss the ‘worth the climb’ comment.”
  • “Sam and Robin’s banter will always make my morning!”
  • “Rays of sunshine.”

Friends for years

Sam Champion and Robin have been good friends for years. She even supported him when he competed on Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars. Sam inspired Robin and gave her the confidence to come out as a gay woman. The two often lean on each other during the good and bad times.

What are your thoughts on Sam Champion making fans thirst with his post-workout selfie? Does this surprise you? Or, do you agree that he’s a good-looking man? Sound off below in the comment section.

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