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‘The Voice’ Making Massive Changes For Season 23

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The Voice is making massive changes next season. The show just had its Season 22 finale and Blake Shelton had his record ninth win. However, there will be some major changes coming in Season 23 of the show. The only coach returning is Blake Shelton and the other three chairs will see a completely new group of faces.

Here is a look at what fans can expect from The Voice Season 23.

The Voice replacing three judges next season

Blake Shelton, who just won his ninth season of The Voice, is the only coach who will return for Season 23 of the hit reality singing competition. This means Gwen Stefani’s return only lasted for one season with newcomer Camila Cabello only lasting one season as well. Furthermore,  John Legend is leaving after seven seasons on the show.

The Voice coaches | YouTube

The good news is that Kelly Clarkson is returning to The Voice. Clarkson left the show in Season 21 when she wanted to devote more time to her family. She was also in the middle of building her daytime talk show to the extent it could take over Ellen DeGeneres’ spot in the schedule.

However, the other two new judges are brand new. Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan will take over the other two chairs for the new season of the singing reality show. On top of that, this will also be Blake Shelton’s last season on the series.

Niall Horan comes into the show with experience in reality television. Just like Camila Cabello, he got his start on a singing competition series. Horan started off on The X Factor as part of One Direction. As for Chance the Rapper, he has a lot of experience as a music producer and performer, bringing a lot of behind-the-scenes experience to the show.

What is next for The Voice?

Things will look very different in The Voice Season 23, and the show will look even more so in Season 24. With the series back to two rotations a year after cutting back to one in 2021, there will be some fresh faces and if fans follow along remains to be seen.

Kelly Clarkson returning is a big deal and should offset the other major chair changes. Both Stefani and Cabello were polarizing for many fans, but most people love Clarkson and Shelton. This will give fans one more season of their fun back-and-forth banter before Shelton rides off into the sunset.

However, the next season will provide the test. Will fans stick around after Blake Shelton leaves? Kelly Clarkson might be the key there, but if she also leaves, this could be the biggest change that The Voice has had since it started airing 22 seasons ago.

The Voice returns on March 6, 2023. Are you excited about the changes next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I couldn’t even watch the finale because it is not about the best voice. The top 4 was BS as far as best vocalists go. It has turned into a teen beauty competition which is not appealing to me in the slightest. Kim should have won this season no question. Blake only chooses singers based on their marketability.

    1. Juliet, I’m with you! I stopped watching when Kim and the other two went home! I agree that Kim truly was the winner!

  2. I think they are going In the wrong direction!
    wrap is not music,it’s noise pollution!!
    Blake needs to stay, bring back Adam Levine, and keep and keep John Legend.
    These changes will ruin the Voice.
    a good old quote
    if it’s not broke don’t fix it!!!

    1. I done ! Won’t be watching it anymore! So, rigged up! None of Blake’s contestants should have been in the finale!

  3. Please leave out the silly skits that make the coaches look ridiculous. It’s embarrassing and adds nothing to the show. And how many more times is Carson going to ask, “what would winning mean to you?” I always fast forward past both parts.

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