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Fans Diss Gwen Stefani’s Vocals & Fashion Sense

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Fans dissed Gwen Stefani’s vocals and fashion sense. They were looking forward to seeing The Voice coach perform at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony in New York City.

When it finally happened, they were less than impressed. They slammed the No Doubt singer over everything from her appearance to her singing voice. For the past few months, fans claimed that Gwen is more unrecognizable than ever.

She’s been at the center of plastic surgery rumors. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans weren’t impressed with Gwen’s pouty selfie. They told her to lay off the Botox and fillers. Find out what else they had to say about her recent performances.

Gwen Stefani Wears Black & Yellow Retro Dress [Gwen Stefani | Twitter]
[Gwen Stefani | Twitter]

Gwen Stefani performs at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

On Wednesday night (November 30), Gwen Stefani performed at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. In her first performance, she wore an elaborate silver dress as she was surrounded by young men dressed up in Santa Claus costumes. Gwen was the first to perform during the televised event with her rendition of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.”

She finished off her look with her blonde hair styled in Old Hollywood curls. The singer also had on gold eyeshadow and her signature red lipstick. Gwen returned to the stage later in the show to sing “Under the Christmas Lights.” This time around, she changed into a red and white checkered bolero with a matching corset dress and white tights. During the show, she was slammed for both of her looks.

Gwen Stefani's Performance At Rockefeller Center [YouTube]
Some fans claimed she looked like aluminum foil in her first performance. Others weren’t on board with her fashion sense. They feel that Gwen has lost her looks and sense of self in the past few years. The pop star continues to ignore the backlash over her appearance and looks. She attributes her GXVE Beauty brand and strict skincare regimen to her young appearance.

Fans wonder what happened to No Doubt singer

During the NBC special, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on both of Gwen’s performances. They were less than impressed with her holiday looks and wondered what happened to her. The fans were ruthless as they picked on everything from her outfits to her face and even her singing abilities.

  • “Wtf happened to Gwen Stefani’s face!!”
  • “Why was Gwen Stefani dressed like a Hershey kiss?”
  • “What did Gwen Stefani do to her face??? Did not recognize it was her at all!”
  • “Is it just me or Gwen Stefani no longer GWEN STEFANI???? Blake done made her basic.”
  • “Gwen Stefani is the latest victim of celebrities who think Botox looks better!”
  • “Are there people who actually enjoy listening to Gwen Stefani’s voice?”

What are your thoughts on fans dissing Gwen Stefani’s vocals and fashion sense? Do you think she rocked it at Rockefeller Center? Or, were you less than impressed as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Gwen Stefani.

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  2. When is Gwen going to dress and like the 53 y/o that she is ? It’s not a good look and it borders on making her look ridiculous.

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