Todd Chrisley Speaks Out On Chloe’s Bio Mom Wanting Custody

Todd Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley - Youtube

A bombshell was dropped on Chrisley fans recently when Chloe’s bio mom surfaced and vowed she would take custody away from Todd and Julie. For the most part, Chrisley Knows Best fans were horrified agreeing the woman has wanted nothing to do with Chloe for nearly a decade. So, there was no reason to come back into her life now.

When it comes to his children, Todd Chrisley is as vocal and protective as they come. So, it wasn’t too surprising that he was so quick to break his silence. How did he feel learning Chloe Chrisley’s mother has vowed to get her daughter back? Was there any truth to her statement? Keep reading to see what Todd had to say about the matter.

Todd Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Chloe Chrisley Youtube

Chloe Chrisley bio mom insisted she was coming for her daughter

As TvShowsAce recently reported, Chloe Chrisley’s bio mom surfaced and vowed she was going after custody of her daughter. She argued that Chloe was taken from her when she got locked up. So, it is only fitting that she should have the opportunity to take her back.

Angela Victoria Johnson revealed that this isn’t a new desire. She claims she’s had a lawyer for a few years now and there’s been a lot of red tape she’s had to cut her way through. According to Angela, living in different locations has made things complicated. But, she loves Chloe and she wants her back.

Angela and her alleged lawyer believe Todd and Julie heading to the slammer may finally open a door that she can use to get the custody of her daughter back.

Todd Chrisley - Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Youtube

Todd Chrisley speaks out on the matter

The Chrisley Knows Best father spoke loud and proud regarding what Angela had to say about coming for Chloe. In an official statement, Todd pointed out that he and Julie officially adopted Chloe. Angela gave up her parental rights. So, she had no legal ground to stand on as far as Chloe was concerned. She was their adopted daughter and they would NOT be giving her back to her bio mother.

According to People Magazine, both Todd and Julie ripped Chloe’s bio mom for the “misleading narrative.”

Jessica Doyle, who was the family attorney that handled the adoption of Chloe Chrisley issued a statement to People Magazine claiming the statements were “simply not legally correct or even valid.”

I handled the formal adoption of Chloe by Todd and Julie Chrisley. Angela Johnson’s parental rights were terminated when she voluntarily surrendered her parental rights to Todd and Julie Chrisley on March 24, 2017. She has had no contact with the minor child since 2015.”

Having no legal grounds to stand on, Angela Johnson is nothing more than the woman who gave birth to Chloe Chrisley. Todd and Julie Chrisley both found it sad that she even made this claim with everything that is currently going on.

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Did it surprise you that Chloe Chrisley’s bio mother surfaced and claimed she wanted her back? Let us know down below.

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  1. Not surprised. She sees $$$ signs not a child’s. well being. if she was for her well being she would not disrupt her life anymore than it has already been

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