‘The View’: Things Get Uncomfortable Between Sunny & Sara

Sara Haines upset on 'The View' - YouTube/The View

Fans of The View weren’t impressed with how Sunny Hostin treated her fellow cohost, Sara Haines, during Tuesday’s show. While the pair are no strangers to tense and awkward moments on television, people were taken aback by Sunny’s actions. Keep reading to see why.

The Pressure Of The Holiday Season

The Hot Topics segment of Tuesday’s show focused on the holiday season. During the segment, Sara Haines took a moment to unload how stressful this time of year can be for her. After Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, she was the first person to speak.

“My mom was like Mrs. Claus, so I came in envying all that she pulled off and trying to pull it off myself,” she said. According to Haines, this has led her to feel an immense amount of pressure around the holidays.

She went on to talk about putting up the Christmas tree in her home and how the whole ordeal led to her snapping at her children. Her husband told her to put the tree down and go take a nap. As she shared this vulnerable information, Sunny Hostin took absolutely no time to hop in and call Haines a “Scrooge.”

Sunny Hostin reacting on 'The View - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

In her response, Sara Haines stuttered a bit and said yeah, she is a Scrooge.  Then, she went on to explain that the stress of getting everything right around the holidays really gets to her. Her next point was about holiday cards and how it is impossible to get them done.

Sunny countered by telling her it was one picture that she had to wrangle everyone together for. “The weight of the world is getting heavier,” Sara replied. After saying that she preferred to get her children “experiences,” Sunny countered her again stating that “gifts are fun.”

It seemed that, no matter what Sara had to say, Sunny was jumping to shoot it down. “Sunny’s grateful she’s not a Haines right now, and she’s a Hostin,” Sara stated. However, fans weren’t as quick to let it go.

The View Fans Aren’t Impressed With Sunny

During the show, many fans of The View took to social media to discuss how much they disliked how Sunny treated Sara during this conversation.

One upset fan took to Twitter to share their disdain for her actions. “Damn that was insensitive @sunni #TheView she has three little kids maybe holiday pictures are overwhelming for her right now,” they wrote

Other viewers didn’t hold back their thoughts either. “Holiday Stress issa NO for me. I go all out BUT not everyone does,” one fan chimed in. “This happy season is often the most depressing time for so many.”

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