Sinitta Malone’s Deep Love For Simon Cowell Nearly Destroyed

Sinitta Malone & Simon Cowell [YouTube]

Sinitta Malone’s deep love for Simon Cowell nearly destroyed her. His former girlfriend admitted that she’s been in love with him for almost 40 years. Sinitta appeared on this season’s Celebs Go Dating. The 41-year-old wants to go to the experts to find love.

Unfortunately, for her, being in love with the top music producer in the world comes with its share of downfalls. Sinitta admitted that it broke her confidence. It took place during the latest episode. Keep reading for more information.

Simon Cowell [Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]
[Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]

Sinitta Malone shares heartbreaking confession

On the latest episode of Celebs Go Dating, expert Anna revealed that Sinitta Malone was a challenge. She’s still in love with Simon Cowell, which could make it hard for her to move on fully. The two dated when they filmed The X Factor in 2010. The two started out as friends before they became lovers.

They developed a bond over the decades before that. In fact, Sinitta and Simon Cowell were involved in an on-and-off romance for over two decades. The reality star has enjoyed her time on many of Simon’s shows like The X Factor. Anna shared that there was “a lot to unpack” when it came to their dating history.

Sinitta Malone [Celebs Go Dating | YouTube]
[Celebs Go Dating | YouTube]
“We have someone here who has had her entire love life really and relationship blueprint shaped from meeting Simon Cowell,” Anna said. “He was her first love when she was in her late teens, and it’s a lot to carry. All that’s ever spoken about is the latest dramas between Simon and Sinitta, and that kind of thing.”

Sinitta’s confidence took a shot because of it. She’s working with the love expert to find independence outside of Simon Cowell. The problem with Sinitta is that she can’t move on and be her own person. A lot of her personal success has been attributed to him.

Stuck as Simon Cowell’s sidekick

Despite being in love with Simon Cowell, Sinitta was married to Andy Willner. The two divorced in 2009 after seven years of marriage. They share two children, Magdalene, and Zac. Simon spent most of his years as a bachelor and finally settled down with Lauren Silverman.

The couple shares a son, Eric. Anna admits that their love has caused pain for Sinitta.

“I don’t want that anymore for her because she’s had 40 years of that, that’s a lot of change to have to get your head around.”

Sinitta’s other high-profile romances include Brad Pitt. She wants to move on from the likes of celebrities like Simon Cowell. She wants to fall in love with a regular guy. Sinitta doesn’t want to be known as so-and-so’s ex-girlfriend.

What are your thoughts on Sinitta Malone’s deep love for Simon Cowell nearly destroying her? Does this surprise you? Do you think Sinitta should move on? Sound off below in the comment section.

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