Simon Cowell Has Son Looking Out For His Health

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Simon Cowell has his son looking out for his health. The America’s Got Talent judge has struggled with smoking for decades. He’s desperate to quit once again as he learned a smart way to do it. He’s using his son to inspire him to quit.

How Eric inspired is getting the AGT judge to quit smoking

According to pop star Sinitta, Simon Cowell has found a unique way to quit smoking. He is relying on his son Eric to help him give up the habit for good. The British singer spoke to The Sun about Simon’s “mini-me.” He allows his dad to smoke one cigarette.

Sinitta stopped smoking and is using her platform to support the Stoptober campaign, which encourages other smokers to quit. She shared that Simon Cowell will stick to this strict rule until he doesn’t feel a need to smoke any more. Eric’s godmother joked that the young boy has become the “cigarette police.”

Simon Cowell [Wired | YouTube]
[Wired | YouTube]
“Eric is basically a miniature Simon but he’s much sweeter and even funnier — he has his dad’s sense of humor,” Sinitta told The Sun. “It’s lovely being godmother and lovely seeing them together and being able to witness that. Simon is such a great father, Eric is little Simon.”

She continued to gush about the father-and-son duo. Sinitta says that Eric is Simon Cowell’s little shadow. He will follow his dad around the house. When it comes to smoking, that’s a habit that his kid doesn’t want to pick up when he’s older. Eric tells his famous father that he can only have one cigarette.

“The problem with Simon is he actually enjoys smoking; I don’t even know if he’s addicted — I suspect there might be a slight addiction, but he doesn’t see himself addicted because he says that he can cut down whenever he wants,” Sinitta explained. “He probably smokes one cigarette maybe two a day.”

Simon Cowell [Wired | YouTube]
[Wired | YouTube]

Simon Cowell struggles to quit smoking

The “Cross My Broken Heart” singer does feel that he has an addiction to cigarettes. Sometimes, Simon Cowell will light one up several times throughout the day. She notes that she feels that he does have an “addiction” to smoking, even if he denies it. Sinitta feels that Simon could use a “nicotine patch.”

This comes just a few months after Simon Cowell admitted he changed his lifestyle for his son. The music mogul wanted to change his diet after his doctor warned him about his unhealthy diet. In his August 2022 interview with Hello! Magazine, Simon admitted that he’s a regular smoker and drinker.

Simon Cowell [Wired | YouTube]
[Wired | YouTube]
He shared the things that he had to give up. Simon noted that he couldn’t eat bread, dairy, gluten, red meat, and sugar. It was hard for him because these are the foods he enjoys eating the most. However, it was easy for him because he wanted to keep up with Eric.

What are your thoughts on Eric inspiring Simon Cowell to quit smoking? Do you think it’ll work? Or, do you think he has to do it for himself? Sound off below in the comment section.

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