Todd Chrisley’s Ex Daughter-In-Law Breaks Silence On Sentences

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Chrisley Knows Best fans were shocked to learn Todd Chrisley’s ex-daughter-in-law had surfaced. Speaking exclusively to Hollywood Life, Alexus Whilby has broken her silence on learning her former in-laws were going to jail for 19 years. What did Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife have to say about the situation? Keep reading for a summary of the interview!

Todd Chrisley ex DIL breaks silence on sentencing

Todd Chrisley’s ex-daughter-in-law is certain the prosecution knew Todd and Julie were being dishonest about the situation. She recalled her in-laws being very “tight-lipped.” So, she wasn’t too surprised they refused to take any responsibility for their crimes.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Todd and Julie Chrisley argue that they were set up. Likewise, Julie Chrisley has claimed she would never intentionally commit fraud. Is it possible they were framed or unaware of their crimes? Todd Chrisley’s ex-daughter-in-law shuts down the idea that her in-laws didn’t know what was going on.

I believe that they were aware of what they were doing. The jurors saw evidence that proved that they knew that what they were doing was wrong. They lied to obtain money from loans. They lied about their wealth to everyone. They’re the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.”

The outlet also asked Alexus if she thought Todd and Julie Chrisley received a fair sentence for their crimes. Admittedly, she didn’t feel a drop of sadness for Todd and Julie receiving 19 years behind bars. In fact, she speculated the couple got off pretty light.

Kyle Chrisley ex wife - Instagram

Kyle Chrisley ex wife – InstagramShe continued: “I think their sentencing was light considering their total lack of accountability. It’s highly likely they thought this was also going to pass.”

The room in her heart for love for the Chrisley family is limited, but she admits she’ll always have a fondness for Kyle, Lindsie, Nanny Faye, Chloe, and Kyle’s mother, Teresa. At the end of the day, she does wish Todd would apologize to her for everything he cost her.

Now, most Chrisley Knows Best fans assume Alexus Whilby was cut a check in exchange for breaking her silence on Todd and Julie going to jail. While her Instagram is public and has a following of a little over 13K, she hasn’t spoken out about the family in a while. Let us know what you thought of her interview in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the Chrisley family.

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