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Julie Chrisley Roars: Chloe Is Her Daughter NOT Granddaughter

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It is no secret that Chrisley Knows Best fans have mixed feelings about Julie and Todd referring to Chloe as their daughter versus their granddaughter. Many fans seem to be in agreement that they are setting her up for failure and confusing her by not accepting their role as her grandparents. Other fans point out that grandparents raise their grandchildren all of the time. They, however, do it while still accepting the titles of grandma and grandpa. Fans note that Kyle will always be Chloe’s real father and Todd can’t take that away from him.

Julie and Todd Chrisley have always been pretty open about the fact that they put the ball in Chloe’s court when it came to what they were referred to as. Todd and Julie claim that they would have been happy as “grandma” and “grandpa” if that was how Chloe wanted it to be. Chloe, however, has been raised by her grandparents since she was very small. So, they don’t feel like grandparents to her. And, she’s much more comfortable referring to them as her parents.

Julie Chrisley - Instagram
Julie Chrisley – Instagram

Taking it a bit further, Kyle Chrisley has also spoken out on it noting that he has no problems with Chloe referring to Todd and Julie as her parents. After all, they stepped in to give Chloe what she needed when Kyle was not in a place to do so.

All of this information out there, however, doesn’t stop fans from continuing to have opinions and take issue with it. On a recent episode of Savannah’s podcast, Julie came unhinged as she roared at fans and schooled them on her relationship with Chloe.

Julie Chrisley roars: Chloe is her daughter

During a conversation with Savannah about the therapy Chloe was receiving to cope with her current situation, Julie referred to Chloe as her daughter. During the conversation, Julie made it clear she wasn’t obvious of the fact that Chloe was her adopted daughter or that Chloe had biological parents. She, however, added that those facts didn’t make her any less of a mother to Chloe.

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t her parents. She is ours. She is our daughter. She is not our granddaughter. She is our daughter, which makes her your sister.”

Julie proceeded to explain that a person’s family can be whoever they “choose it to be.” According to Julie, real family was whoever you had love in your heart for.

Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram
Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram

How do you feel about Julie Chrisley referring to Chloe as her daughter? Do you think it is about time for fans to give it a rest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. Why are people making such a big deal about what Julie and Todd call Chloe or what she calls them ?? Who cares ?? And how does this effect any of your lives ?? This child has been through enough and if calling Julie and Todd mom and dad gives her a sense of stability and belonging, feeling like she is just like the other kids in her class then so be it !! I’m sure Chloe knows they are actually her grandparents.

  2. Has Julie and Todd been there from the beginning? Do they feed her? Do they tuck her into bed at night? Have they not put a roof over her head? They are the ones she run’s to when she falls down and scrapes her knee. They are her parents maybe not biological but to her they are mom and dad.

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