Kyle Chrisley’s Ex Says Todd & Julie Are Liars, Deserved 19 Years

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Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife has surfaced and she didn’t have many kind words for her former in-laws. Speaking exclusively to Hollywood Life, Alexus Whilby wholeheartedly believes Kyle Chrisley’s parents got what they deserved. In fact, she actually thinks Todd and Julie got a pretty “light sentencing” considering everything stacked up against them. Liking her former in-laws to Bonnie and Clyde, Kyle Chrisley’s ex wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on the situation.

Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife says Todd got what he deserved

Regardless of what fans might think of her, Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife reveals that she met Kyle on Facebook. Moreover, she clarifies that it was never a gold-digging situation because there was no reality TV show when she met and started talking to Kyle. She noted that “at the time” there was talk of a TV show, but it didn’t exist. Likewise, Alexus Whilby admits there is a lot of blame to be placed on Todd as the reason her marriage with Kyle didn’t really work out.

She explained: “We initially got married in April 2014. Todd was furious and had our marriage annulled as Kyle’s adult guardian. We then remarried later that year once the guardianship was overturned. He seemed ok with us dating but totally against us getting married and establishing something permanent.”

Kyle Chrisley ex wife - Instagram
Kyle Chrisley ex wife – Instagram

Turns out, it was Kyle Chrisley mending the bridge with his father Todd that was a huge reason why his marriage with Alexus didn’t work out.

His ex-wife explained: “Once Kyle reunited with his father, right before the indictment, he told me he planned on retracting everything that he had said bad about him and that he wanted me to write an affidavit to do the same. I refused. This was part of our marital problems.”

Kyle Chrisley Sending Cryptic Messages About Dad, What Now? [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
Now, Alexus Whilby did tell Hollywood Life she believed her relationship reached a point in time where she grew on Todd. She thinks he grew to love the way she treated Kyle. Ultimately, however, the alleged toxicity of the Chrisley family wasn’t good for her. But, she never stopped having a place in her heart for Kyle.

Considering Todd Chrisley hasn’t been afraid to sue people for slander in the past, does it surprise you that Kyle’s ex was willing to be so open and honest with her feelings? Do you suspect that she only did the interview in exchange for a paycheck? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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