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‘Kody Brown Lemon’ Trends On Social Media, Why?

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In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown went crazy with a lemon. He was on a lunch date with his second wife, Janelle. As the two were reassessing their marriage, Kody was putting a wedge of lemon into his water. Initially, he started squeezing the lemon. Then, the father of eighteen grabbed a fork and started poking, scraping, and hacking at the lemon. He was desperate for whatever the lemon had to give him. Or maybe he was channeling all of his anger into that poor lemon wedge. Either way, fans went crazy on social media over it. Read on for more details.

‘Kody Brown Lemon’ Trends On Social Media, Why?

Fans really notice the details on Sister Wives. In Sunday’s episode, they took note of the lemons at Kody and Janelle’s lunch. First off, there was an overabundance of lemons on the table. This was acknowledged in one Reddit thread. “Kody and Janelle having a heartfelt, difficult conversation about their marriage and all I can look at is the sheer volume of lemons on that f***ing table,” it started. More so, someone joked that Kody is the guy who does not want to pay for the lemonade. Therefore, he gets a ton of lemons to compensate.

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Another noticed the way he used a fork to get the lemons into his water. “And that’s exactly what he did, love you watch that episode he’s constantly squeezing lemons and using a fork into his water.” One Redditor joked: “HOW CAN I GET COVID WITH ALL THE LEMONS I EAT???” It seems accurate for Kody who was trying absolutely everything to avoid the virus, even splitting his family but still came down with it.

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“Why the hell did he have to stick a fork in him lemon in order to squeeze it?!?!? So weird and so distracting!” a follower noted. Some could not believe how he just kept squeezing his lemons over and over. Of course, there were those who questioned if he used lemons as a weight loss solution. Yet, he was quite eager to eat the food before it got cold.

Anger Issues Transferred?

Kody Brown has been so angry over his divorce from Christine. He really wanted to talk to Janelle and get her support. However, he feels that she has an allegiance to Christine over him. So, is it possible he took all of his frustration out on that poor lemon? Anything is possible. The bottom line is he certainly has a penchant for lemons and a lot of them.

Did you notice the way Kody hacked into his wedge with his fork? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. I quit watching the show, but I do see the clips of upcoming episodes and read, Cody is frustrated that Janelle is still hanging around! He and she devil Robyn want her gone!!! He only cares about material things and himself!! Janelle is a Saint and the biggest provider minus the money they get from the show. She and Christine in hindsight should have stayed in Vegas where they BOTH had a home!!

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