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‘SW’ Fans Think Kody Brown Confuses His Own Ego For Heart

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Right now, Kody Brown is absolutely miserable onscreen. In his talking heads, he says that Christine has completely upended the family and ruined his life. At this point, many fans think he’s trying to rewrite history. For years, they’ve seen Kody treat Christine horribly onscreen, body shame her, and tell her that he never found her attractive. Not many people believe that she’s really “breaking his heart” by leaving.

Is it possible that Kody Brown is confusing his ego for his heart?

Kody Brown may not be able to tell the difference between his ego and emotions

At this stage, Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown has a massive ego. When it’s bruised, he tends to lash out and act cruelly towards others — even his own family members.

It makes sense that he feels depressed about Christine’s departure. But fans just can’t figure out why he’s claiming to be heartbroken.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Kody talking about how Christine leaving is ‘breaking his heart’. Don’t you mean ego buddy…..we ALL know you don’t have a heart 🖤,” a Redditor wrote on the platform this week. They included a screenshot of Kody complaining about the situation.

Maringirl1 from Reddit, Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

“If he EVER loved, or even liked, Christine he would have cared that she was unhappy. Instead he scolded and shamed her,” another Redditor added.

“This man is so frustrating. One minute he is talking about saying he loves her and heartbreak,” another added. “Then he mentions Christine called him a coward And how he should have told her he didn’t love her.”

Based on the comments, it’s clear that Redditors are completely fed up with the way Kody behaves within his family structure. It’s no wonder that fans have soured on him after watching him for 17 seasons.

How do you feel about Kody Brown’s behavior this season? Sound off in the comments below.

Is the family patriarch trying to force out his remaining wives?

Christine is gone and it appears that Janelle is on her way out too. Kody and Meri are still spiritually married, but they have no romantic relationship whatsoever. These days, only Kody and Robyn are on good terms. And some fans think he’s doing it all on purpose.

“Is Kody intentionally eliminating his wives one by one?” a Redditor asked in a different thread. “He got rid of Meri a while ago. He got Christine to leave by telling her he wasn’t attracted to her & cutting off intimacy. Now he’s focusing on Janelle. He’s not going to do work for her if she doesn’t respect him. Also they haven’t acted like a married couple all the years they’ve been married. His ultimate goal? Why total monogamy with Robyn, of course.”

No one can be certain of Kody’s true intentions, but his behavior does seem a little fishy at this point.

Don’t forget to tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday night to catch the latest Sister Wives episode. See what Kody Brown and the rest of the family are up to in the new episode.

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  1. Kody doesn’t LOVE anybody including himself . I don’t understand why any of his women wants to be with him . He doesn’t treat them very nice . All of his wife’s would be much more happy without Kody being in there lives !!!!!!!

    1. Kody is all about Kody… his wants, needs, and desires come before anyone else. Kody seems incapable of having feelings for others, unless it benefits him. Until, he reckons with his own selfish thought patterns he will continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

  2. I’m happy for Christine. She did the right thing. I don’t even think Cody wants to be in all these relationships anymore. He’s not a happy person. We are here to find great joy in life . I think Cody should just be with Robin. It looks like he loves her the most. He doesn’t seem like a nice person. If I saw more joy in the show. Pure joy is easy to spot. Cody just seems miserable.

  3. I dont get why any of these women want to stay with kody the drama queen. He is aweful the way he acts. I would have started laughing at him when he was talking to christine about how she treated Robyn’s. And he was just so dramatic. I’m so glad she left and I hope jenelle does the same. Meri needs meri needs to stay with him. She looks lost all the time now. Robyn deserves him.

  4. Exactly! Kody thinks all of the attention he is getting is because he’s something special. He isn’t. He’s getting attention because he’s on a reality show. When the show is cancelled people will lose interest in him

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