Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Is Kody Brown Purposely Axing All His Wives?

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Is it possible that Kody Brown is secretly trying to force his wives out?

Fans can clearly see how poorly he treats them. But now, many fans think he might be doing it all on purpose. In the past, Janelle spoke up and expressed concern about Kody favoring Robyn. As Season 17 continues, plenty of viewers think he’s pushing everyone else out so he can enjoy his life alone with Robyn.

So is Kody pushing everyone away on purpose? Or is he just completely oblivious to his bad behavior? Redditors have plenty of opinions on the matter.

Kody Brown might get rid of his wives — if he didn’t rely on their financial support

The Brown family makes money from Sister Wives and TLC. But they still have a pretty large family and many mouths to feed. Even though most of the kids are adults and on their own, there are still several mouths to feed. On top of that, Robyn Brown appreciates finer things — which apparently the other wives have been helping finance.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Is Kody intentionally eliminating his wives one by one?” a Redditor wondered recently. “He got rid of Meri a while ago. He got Christine to leave by telling her he wasn’t attracted to her & cutting off intimacy. Now he’s focusing on Janelle. He’s not going to do work for her if she doesn’t respect him. Also they haven’t acted like a married couple all the years they’ve been married. His ultimate goal? Why total monogamy with Robyn, of course.”

Most other Redditors agreed with the OP here. Viewers can plainly see that Kody is only interested in Robyn. As of this point in Season 17, he still maintains his spiritual unions with Janelle and Meri. But it’s obvious he has no plans to rekindle their romantic lives anytime soon.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

“I think he wants to kick them to the curb, but I think he doesn’t because he needs the show and their contributed income to support Robyn’s lifestyle,” another Reddit user put out. “So he resents the hell out of them, treats them terribly, but is outraged and furious if they actually leave. He wants them all to be exactly like Meri and ‘partner’ to pay off coyote pass.”

Janelle is starting to wake up

In several episodes this season, Janelle has put her foot down and stood up to Kody. But sadly, she’s also starting to realize she has backed herself into a pretty dangerous corner. Everything she owns has Kody’s name on it too. If she really wants to leave, she’s probably going to need a little bit of help.

The next episode of Sister Wives will be out at 10 PM this Sunday night. If you want to keep up with Kody and the rest of the family, don’t forget to tune in.

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