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Gwendlyn Brown Crushes ‘SW’ Fans With A Harsh Truth

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Answering a question on her Patreon (an answer which has since leaked on Reddit), Gwendlyn Brown has managed to crush Sister Wives fans by relieving a harsh truth. What was the question that Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter answered on her Patreon? Why did the answer crush fans? Keep reading for the details on this unfortunate leaked information.

Gwendlyn Brown crushes SW fans with harsh truth

A screenshot of Gwendlyn Brown answering a question on Patreon has been shared on Reddit. The individual asking the question started off by thanking Gwen for being so open and honest with fans. Then, they proceeded to get confirmation on whether Janelle had actually left Kody yet. Likewise, the fan wondered if Gwendlyn thought Meri Brown would ever leave Kody.

Unfortunately, Gwendlyn’s response to the question did crush fans with a harsh truth. Sadly, Gwendlyn reports that Janelle and Kody Brown are still very much together despite a lot of reports claiming otherwise. While she doesn’t mention Meri by name, Gwen notes that her mother Christine remains the only wife to actually leave Kody Brown. Gwendly did add that she remains hopeful that Janelle (and possibly Meri) will make the decision to walk away from her father.

Gwendlyn Brown - YouTube
Gwendlyn Brown – YouTube

Crushed fans aren’t buying it

Fans on Reddit had pretty mixed responses to this information. Some admitted they were crushed as they loved the idea of picturing Janelle enoying her single lady life with her best friend Christine. A few pointed out that Gwendlyn as on the show this season so there is a very real chance she is under contract with TLC and couldn’t confirm Janelle and Kody had split up even if she was asked to. Most fans are in agreement that the next season of the series will focus on Janelle leaving Kody. So, it would be a PR nightmare if details about the split came out prematurely.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Sister Wives fans, however, agree it is pretty telling that Gwendlyn seems to want her father to lose all of his wives.

Update: The thread was deleted for leaking information from behind the paywall. 

Do you think Gwendlyn Brown is keeping it real with fans on Patreon? Or, is she still dancing between the fine lines of an NDA she signed with TLC? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I read somewhere that Janelle moved in the side by side that Christine lives in and I was just wondering if that’s true if she did pack up and finally leave him and it also looks like he was trying to give Janelle the pass to get out of the marriage on the episode on Sunday the 4th but she kept leading on that yes she wanted to work on her marriage where he was hoping that she would discuss maybe leaving him

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