Robyn Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Did Robyn Brown Just Confirm Their Plural Family Is Over?

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Anyone keeping up with Sister Wives can clearly see that there is trouble in paradise. Kody and Robyn Brown appear to have the strongest relationship out of all the wives, but even they have their issues.

Many fans are pretty certain that the family has already broken apart in the present day, but it will be a moment before they get to see it all play out on screen. But in a recent clip, Robyn may have dropped a few bombshells.

Robyn Brown’s word choice may have given away a major secret

In the newest clip released by TLC ahead of tonight’s episode, Kody and Janelle are really going at it. Kody essentially tells Janelle that he doesn’t appreciate how she lives life as a single woman. However, Janelle hardly thinks this is fair when Kody spends literally all his time, money, and energy on Robyn.

During the heated exchange, Robyn also has her own talking head where she speaks a lot in the past tense.

Robyn Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Robyn Brown/TLC

She talks about how there “were” challenges and she “tried” to blend together with the rest of the family. But even so, she feels as if the other wives never really accepted her into the family. On top of that, she says she “desperately wanted” things to work out.

Fans all know that Christine has already left at this point, but is she also talking about Janelle here? The family still hasn’t confirmed that Janelle left. Gwendlyn Brown seemed to hint that Janelle did leave, but nothing was ever officially announced. While production crews film Sister Wives, they often do shoot talking heads toward the end of filming. The fact that Robyn is speaking in the past tense here could hint that Janelle really did leave.

Check out the clip here and see what you think:

Did Robyn’s word choice give the family’s fate away? Share what you think in the comments.

Is Kody Brown hoarding the Coyote Pass land for his own purposes?

When the Brown family purchased the Coyote Pass property, they decided to divide it into five lots. Even when Christine left, Kody decided to keep the five lots instead of reconfiguring them into four. Many family members, including Janelle, thought this was an odd move. But some Sister Wives viewers think they have it all figured out.

In one Reddit thread, other users said they believed Kody hasn’t broken ground on Coyote Pass yet because he wants to save the lots for each of the children he shares with Robyn. Once he pushes the other wives out of the family, there will be plenty of space for himself, Robyn, and their five children.

It’s just a theory, but many Sister Wives fans think it could hold some water.

Check out the latest episode of Sister Wives tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC! Tune in and see what’s happening in the Brown family next.

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