The Alternate Ending Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Shocking

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Nick Davis

The Walking Dead has finally come to an end after 11 seasons and 12 years. It is a wild time for fans as conversations around the internet circle around the finale. Did it live up to people’s expectations? Was it a proper ending for the show that has been in so many lives for so long? All that’s really up to the individual. But what we know with certainty now is that the ending we got wasn’t always the ending they were planning to use. There was another ending that was completely filmed and edited for the finale but didn’t make it to the final cut. An insider recently gave us the original ending that would have concluded the show. Read on for more details.

The End Of The Walking Dead

The original ending of The Walking Dead still had Judith and her half-brother RJ. Only in this ending, they were both all grown up. They’re both in Atlanta along with the grown-up version of a lot of the other main character’s kids like Gracie and Coco. They go out looking for survivors, wandering through all the old locales where we saw Rick in Season 1.

judith walking dead
Judith, the character the show ultimately ends on

This would be a very nostalgic ending for many of the fans who have been around since the beginning. Seeing Rick’s children wandering through where he did in the very first episode. They would probably visit the tank, the alley where he and Glen first covered themselves in guts, and other familiar scenes. The official reason why we got a completely different ending is at this time unknown.

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It’s possible that they wanted to end the show with the faces of actors we’ve been watching all season instead of some people we’ve technically never seen before. Or maybe that ending wouldn’t tie in well with some of what they have planned for the various spin-offs they’re getting ready to do now.

It’s Not Quite Over Yet

While The Walking Dead itself is officially over, the universe is not. It is far too lucrative of a franchise for AMC to just give it up. The spin-off Fear The Walking Dead is still going, and at this point is nearing a similar run with Season 8 coming in 2023. On top of that, there are a whopping three more spin-off shows coming soon. One for Daryl, one for Maggie and Negan, and one for Rick and Michonne. Basically, every character is spinning off, and AMC is determined to make this franchise their Star Wars. It’s far from over, Walking Dead fans.

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