‘GMA’ Fans Ask Robin Roberts To Exert Power Over Amy Robach?

Robin Roberts & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]

GMA fans asked Robin Roberts to exert her power over Amy Robach. They want her to take down her own co-anchor. Keep reading on to learn more.

What’s going on with Amy Robach?

Amy Robach has been at the center of controversy lately. Earlier this week, the Daily Mail published 65 photos and video footage of the Good Morning America co-host with TJ Holmes. The two have reportedly hooked up for months.

Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Some of the photos included them looking cozy at an NYC bar, traveling to upstate New York, and leaving each other’s Manhattan apartments. Neither TJ Holmes nor Amy Robach confirmed the affair rumors.

The two are still the co-hosts of GMA3, which airs during the morning block of Good Morning America. Fans think their co-anchors should blast their personal affairs.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, GMA fans asked George Stephanopoulos to report the scandal happening at his workplace rather than the FTX downfall. They also want Robin Roberts to expose TJ Holmes’ history of cheating.

A new Daily Mail report revealed that he was in a 3-year affair with a GMA producer before he got involved with Amy. Keep in mind that TJ has been in an 11-year marriage to attorney Marilee Fiebig.

Does Robin Roberts have that kind of power?

On Friday, December 2, Robin Roberts shared a photo of herself with her girlfriend Amber Laign attending the White House State Dinner. The ladies looked dazzling in their evening gowns. However, some GMA fans were too focused on TJ and Amy’s affair to even comment. One even begged Robin to use her power to get Amy fired.

“Robin, you’re the head of GMA. Why don’t you put a stop to Robach’s flirting & giggling on TV?” the fan wrote. “She’s rubbing her affair on Andrew and the viewers’ faces.”

Robin Roberts & Amber Laign [Robin Roberts | Instagram]
[Robin Roberts | Instagram]
The fan didn’t just attack Amy. They also called out TJ for acting unprofessional. That user feels the duo made their fellow colleague Dr. Jen Anderson uncomfortable during the broadcast. Fans want to stop flaunting their affair on live television.

Should Amy Robach & TJ Holmes get fired?

Others buzzed about the affair in Robin Roberts’ wholesome Instagram post as well. One fan wrote: “I am very disappointed and disgusted of your two colleagues and the GMA producer. [SIC] 🤦🏻‍♀️” There have been conflicting reports about Amy and TJ getting fired from their positions.

Robin Roberts' Comments Section [Screenshot: Instagram]
[Screenshot: Instagram]
One report via TMZ claimed they’re safe since they’re consenting adults. However, The U.S. Sun’s insiders say that their careers could be in jeopardy. What are your thoughts on fans asking Robin Roberts to exert her power over Amy Robach? Do you think she can? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Robin Roberts.

Chanel Adams


  1. I do think Amy and TJ are two consenting adults …both going through divorces…….and I don’t believe the affair started before divorce issues. They conduct themselves very professionally and are not offensive in any way. Should not lose their jobs as they are a credit to ABC news!

    I have been a big follower to your news programs for many many years. I’m sure there are some fans that do not agree with all of your private lives…but, to most of us…it does not matter. I enjoy all and I do like it when any of you are upbeat and show your happiness. Most of you do make me happy.

    People shouldn’t throw stones …..we all would suffer!

    1. I can not believe how all of You people are acting towards TJ and Amy and telling Robin or who ever to fire them.
      WHO are You? No one cares but, what We do care about is you’re telling someone to end someone’s means of living!
      They are adults and they can love who they want, and the biggest reason is…..ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!
      To TJ and Amy… I’m sorry you both are going through this. Y’all already know this will fly over as soon as they get the next juicy news… Yes I’m country and I’m from TEXAS!
      Happy Holidays

    1. Oh my goodness get over yourself poster above “S”! Why on earth would you care enough to “stop watching”? That is ridiculous. You sound like the old man shaking his fist in the air, yelling at kids to “get off my lawn!”

      I could care less who is doing what with who as long as they bring me the news I’ll be happy.

  2. On a side note, who gave Robin Roberts the power to strike down anyone she deems “not worthy”?! Head anchor at GMA or not, pretty sure she can’t just snap her fingers and demand people be fired.

    People and their dumb “fire the cheaters” comments always make me laugh.

  3. Since I missed the whole thing, they have been professional on show. I seldom miss this show. (ill). What they do in personal lives is not for me to judge and demand firing

  4. People have to stop making such a big deal of Amy and TJ’s relationship. That is their and their significant others business NOT ours !! If everyone who-had a work place relationship were to be fired the unemployment rates would sky rocket. And how does their relationship effect you and your life? IT DOESN’T !!!!! Just because they are on TV doesn’t mean they aren’t human like the rest of us.

  5. I really enjoy their show and was disappointed seeing their replacements there today. I enjoy their personalities and the chemistry they shared on the air.
    I believe the viewing public isn’t really concerned about their personal lives, ( just the media). Bring them back for all of us to enjoy!

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