Fans Beg George Stephanopoulos To Report ‘GMA’ Scandal

George Stephanopoulos [GMA | Instagram]

Fans are begging George Stephanopoulos to report the GMA scandal. This comes after he returned to the morning show. They think the show is ignoring the obvious news story that recently came out. Fans blamed the co-anchors for not covering the news happening at their own workplace. Keep reading to learn more and to see what all the hype is about.

George Stephanopoulos is covering a major news story

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, GMA fans wondered if George Stephanopoulos was still working on the talk show. He’s gone missing several times this week. Robin Roberts shared on Twitter that the busy journalist is working on a major news story. Sometimes the co-anchors have to work on assignment, where they are sent to a particular place for a long period of time.

George Stephanopoulos [GMA | Instagram]
[GMA | Instagram]
Still, the fans complain that the co-hosts spent too much time away from the big desk. On Wednesday, November 30, one fan took to Robin’s Wednesday Wisdom video to get an answer. She informed the fan that George Stephanopoulos was conducting an interview that will take place on the show. The veteran journalist made his big return on Thursday, December 1.

GMA co-anchor shares big news with fans

George Stephanopoulos shared big news with fans on Instagram. He announced that he interviewed FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, which will be featured on Thursday’s live broadcast of Good Morning America. On early Wednesday night, George took to his Instagram Stories to tease the details of their conversation. He posted a screenshot of himself interviewing the failed cryptocurrency owner.

“Tomorrow on @goodmorningamerica @gstephanopoulos sits down with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried,” the Instagram Story read.

George Stephanopoulos Covers Major News Story [George Stephanopoulos | Instagram Stories]
[George Stephanopoulos | Instagram Stories]
George Stephanopoulos called it the “Collapse of [the] Crypto Empire.” He also posted footage of the interview to his Instagram feed. This major news story has been shaking up the finance and tech industries for the past two weeks. However, this isn’t the big news story that fans were looking for. They want George to cover the current GMA scandal instead.

George Stephanopoulos ignoring his own workplace?

Fans took to the comment section of George Stephanpoulos’ latest Instagram post to react to the news. They informed him that they were not interested in the downfall of crypto. Fans want him to cover the Good Morning America scandal surrounding TJ Holmes and Amy Robach.

  • “We wanna hear about the affair.”
  • “So TJ and Amy??? Y’all gonna address it…… Or what?”
  • “I wanna take off of work tomorrow just to see if TJ and Amy come to work!!!”
  • “Can you do an interview with Amy and TJ instead?”

Also, on Wednesday, Daily Mail published a report that included 65 photos and video of TJ and Amy’s alleged steamy affair. They even went on a weekend getaway to upstate New York. What are your thoughts on fans begging George Stephanopoulos to cover the GMA scandal? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Amy is a snake and she is acting like she did nothing wrong! She did do something wrong and should own up to it! She is acting like everything is perfect and is really very condescending laughing and carrying on about “glad it’s the weekend!”
    She also is not telling the truth about when she left Andrew! She clearly had an affair! Let’s see how long these two last- that will be another scandal that ABC won’t be able to ignore!!

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