Does George Stephanopoulos Still Work At ‘GMA’?

George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]

Fans want to know if George Stephanopoulos still works at GMA. They’ve been demanding answers on social media. Once again, the veteran journalist went absent from the morning show on Wednesday, November 29, inciting chaos among the fan base.

George has been the center of retirement rumors for months now. Fellow co-host Robin Roberts sat behind the round desk. She explained the reason behind his absence to a concerned fan. Keep reading on to learn more.

George Stephanopoulos goes missing from GMA

Both George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan were missing from the large desk on Wednesday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. Whit Johnson filled in for George, and TJ Holmes sat in Michael’s place. Robin Roberts was the only familiar face on the team. She explained the reason behind George’s absence on social media.

George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
As you can see, fans have been demanding answers. George Stephanopoulos was previously absent on Monday but was present on Tuesday. This has given fans a case of whiplash. The reason Michael has been out so much is that he’s busy co-hosting Fox NFL Sunday.

One GMA fan took to Robin’s Wednesday Wisdom video on Twitter for answers. They figure that it would get her attention. That fan was right since Robin took notice of the concerning tweet. She responded to that fan almost immediately.

“Good morning Robin. Where is @GStephanopoulos at today and why isn’t he on the anchor desk with you?” they wrote.

“He’s on assignment conducting an interview and will be back tomorrow,” Robin responded.

That same fan thanked Robin Roberts for answering her question. No other details were given about George Stephanopoulos’ upcoming segment. Fans have previously slammed the anchors for taking too much time off the show. Sometimes they have to work on-assignment for an interview that will be featured on the morning show. They also have their own projects and ventures.

Absent from the post-holiday show

What’s also interesting is that George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, and Michael Strahan were also absent from the post-holiday show. Fans think they should’ve shown up to work after the long Thanksgiving weekend. All three faces of GMA didn’t show up to work on Monday morning.

Juju Chang filled in for the hosts. She shared the news stories amid their absence. Some of them took to Twitter to slam the hosts. Others expressed their concern for some of them, including Robin. Michael has been out for the entire week. Fans have given up asking about where he’s been lately.

George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
They know the former NFL player is a busy man. For much of the fall season, Amy Robach and Whit Johnson have filled in for the main anchors as there have been many absences on the show. What are your thoughts on fans asking if George Stephanopoulos still works at GMA? Did you miss him on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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