Why Did George Stephanopoulos Refuse Job With Robin Roberts?

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts & George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]

George Stephanopoulos refused a job that involved his co-host, Robin Roberts. He admitted that he’s turned down his GMA hosting gig a few times before accepting it. George needed to be “persuaded” that this was the right job for him. In 2009, George and Robin were named the official hosts of Good Morning America.

It’s hard to believe that they almost didn’t co-host the morning show together. They are now the longest-running hosts out of all three major networks. George sat down for an exclusive interview with The Associated Press News. He explained why this gig almost didn’t happen.

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts & George Stephanopoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

George Stephanopoulos almost turned down the gig

On Friday, October 7, George Stephanopoulos spoke to AP News alongside his co-host Robin Roberts. Long before he joined GMA, he made his start on ABC News and was a Washington insider from his days of working in the White House. George was also known for his other regular show — This Week. ABC News President David Westin told AP News that George needed to be “persuaded” to join the talk show.

However, George is grateful for joining the show with Robin. He is “proud” of his long-running gig. George reflected back on their run together. He made it sound like he was retiring with the way he described it.

Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“It’s been a great run. Robin has been a joy to work with,” George Stephanopoulos told AP News. “We’ve had a lot of fun and great success and covered a lot of consequential things. It’s been an incredible experience.”

Over the summer, GMA fans couldn’t help but wonder if George was stepping away from his position. He was away from the desk, but for good reason. The anchor went on a Greek vacation with his wife Ali Wentworth. George has also been promoting his new show Power Trip, which followers aspiring journalists covering the midterm election.

Both GMA hosts have their own ventures

George Stephanopoulos isn’t the only one with his own gig. Robin Roberts also has her show on Disney Plus called Turning The Tables. It’s currently in its second season. She also has her own production company: Rock ‘n Robin Productions, which premiered a Lifetime bio-pic about Mahalia Jackson.

George has his own production company that focuses on news documentaries. Robin told AP News that she can’t imagine GMA without him. She credits George for introducing her to meditation. It allowed her to get rid of the exhaustion that most anchors feel in the early mornings.

Robin Roberts & George Stephanpoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“We would never, ever do anything to make each other look good at the expense of the other,” Robin told AP News. “That’s such a comfort. To have that, it makes you take chances, and I think the audience picks up on that — the way that we are so different in many ways but so common in others.”

There’s also no competitive streak between them. George and Robin don’t cause any ill will on each other. In fact, they respect each other’s hosting gigs and ventures. It helps build up that good camaraderie between them.

Robin and George Stephanopoulos are staying in their positions for now. What are your thoughts on George almost passing up on the gig? Can you imagine GMA without him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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