‘SW’: Truely Brown Is NOT Kody’s Dancing Monkey Anymore

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On Reddit, one Sister Wives fan applauded every awkward moment of a scene from a recent episode featuring Truely Brown and her father Kody. The fan noted Truely looking around awkwardly and shrugging her father off was an incredibly beautiful thing as it was proof she was no longer his dancing monkey. “So perfect,” the fan gushed in the thread.

In response to the thread, over 600 Sister Wives fans upvoted the thread agreeing that it was a monumental moment for Truely Brown. As fans know, Kody Brown sees his children and wives as meal tickets. They allow him to hold onto the TLC series which allows him and all of his wives to continue to get a paycheck from the network for a show that many people think should be canceled.

For the most part, fans are in agreement that Sister Wives is largely staged. Fans believe even the children are required to stick to a script and perform in a certain manner. In a way, fans feel like Kody treats his children like dancing monkeys. During this week’s episode, fans were moved when they believe Truely reached a point where she was DONE dancing for her father.

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Truely Brown is no longer Kody’s dancing monkey?

The scene in question involved Kody Brown approaching his daughter Truely to ask how she was feeling about moving. Not giving him the emotional answer he was looking for, Truely awkwardly looked around before shrugging off her father.

The fan penned in the thread: “Kody narcissistically tries to make Truly perform but she doesn’t have to anymore. Her awkward look-around and shrug are so perfect.”

After Truely shrugged her father off, Kody Brown asked where her smile was if she was happy about moving away from him. Continuing to shrug him off, Kody tried to call attention once more to her lack of a smile before giving up on the conversation. Sister Wives fans suspect Kody was trying to perform an emotional father-and-daughter moment for the cameras. But, being Christine’s daughter, Truely wasn’t willing to give him an inch.

Truely Brown/YouTube
Truely – YouTube

Here’s what other fans had to say about this thrilling moment:

  • “She’s over and done with his bs!”
  • “Poor Truely. There’s her dad standing in front of her looking unhinged and ripe for a fight, with not one iota of love in his expression for her. How unsettling that must have been for such a young child. Kody has descended into a cruel form of madness.”
  • “it’s the way she looked directly at the camera that killed me.”

Do you think Christine Brown leaving Kody finally allowed Truely to be free? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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